Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz and comedian Lil Duval want to see reality TV star Joe Exotic roam again. The hip-hop pair have rallied up support for the jailed Netflix personality.

Big Facts

On Wednesday, Chainz hit up Instagram and shared one of Joe’s mugshots. Deuce made sure to show he’s riding with Exotic with a positive caption.

“Free Joe”

High-Key Details

Duval took things a little further. The hip-hop funnyman explained why he wanted to see Joe get released from prison.

“Them b*tch a** n*ggaz finessed him out his business then snitched smh. They played him cuz he’s not that smart. I hope everything they got crumbles. And i ain’t saying sh*t bout that lady cuz I’m scared of her #freegayassjoe”

Wait, There’s More

Joe Exotic has made a name for himself since Netflix released his “Tiger King” series. The show ultimately shows how he landed behind bars.

Given all that was revealed in Tiger King, you may be wondering what exactly Joe Exotic was ultimately charged with. In the end, he was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder-for-hire, eight counts of falsifying wildlife records, and nine counts of violation of the Endangered Species Act. As you can probably guess, Joe Exotic doesn’t think his prison sentence will last very long. He claims that “perjury took place and was ignored by all parties involved” in the lead-up to his arrest. Thus far, his claims have not amounted to much — he’s still in prison and will be for the foreseeable future. (Distractify)

Before You Go

The show detailed Joe’s close-knit bond with various zoo animals. Specifically, it showed how he interacted with tons of large tigers.

The seven-episode true-crime series (now streaming) explores the life of Joe Exotic (born Joseph Schreibvogel), a man with an affinity for big cats, blonde mullets, guns and explosives. “Tiger King” examines Joe’s life at Oklahoma’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (referred to as the G.W. Zoo) and his hatred for Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. Joe deemed Baskin a threat to his livelihood through her advocacy  of the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which aims to abolish ownership of big cats as pets and the practice of cub petting. (USA Today)