Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is reflecting on life in a big way. The hip-hop star went online recently to speak on his state of mind during the coronavirus epidemic.

Big Facts

Deuce jumped onto his Instagram page this past Sunday with a pic of himself and his dog Trappy. Chainz reflected on the importance of appreciating life and practicing self-isolation in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Me and @trappygoyard watching the sun go down , Damn this Sh*t real y’all please stay in the house if you can . I work about 4 hours a nite in a studio with one person and we both practically bath the room and each other in Lysol ,, and not even every nite anymore . I am taking this pandemic seriously .. all dat it’s only the flu sh*t miss me with dat one …people out here dying and that’s no cap 🧢”

High-Key Details

Over the years, Trappy has made a name for himself across social media. The rap star’s dog has over 80,000 Instagram followers and a jam-packed page filled with epic content.

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Wait, There’s More

Fellow Southern rapper Megan Thee Stallion hit up her Instagram page on Monday with some priceless shots of her French Bulldog Foe. Thee Stallion’s gray puppy is shown completely out of breath following their workout together.

“Me and @frenchie4oe just went for a run and he is mf tiredddd 😂😂😂”

Before You Go

In mid-March, Stallion gave her bulldog a major shout-out. Meg shared a must-see pic of Foe Thee Frenchie on his birthday.

“Happy birthday to the coolest frenchie in the world. I love my puppy son so much and I couldn’t picture my life without you.”