Def Jam’s 2 Chainz recently talked about plans to have a surprise showcase go down soon with longtime friend Lil Wayne.

According to Deuce, fans can anticipate something going down in Atlanta within the next few weeks.

“We about to do an exclusive show in about a week or so. It’s gonna be in Atlanta. They were literally giving me the details before I walked in. I think we’re gonna do a surprise. It’s not a surprise anymore since I opened my big mouth, but we got an event coming really soon with me and Wayne. We’re celebrating life, happiness, and doing major cuts off ColleGrove.” (“The Cruz Show”)

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Recently, Chainz talked about working alongside rap star Lil Wayne for their ColleGrove joint album.

“[Why the secret?] I think that’s the new way to promote and market things. The original way or the old way was to set a date to get the fans excited about putting the project out and then doing marketing and promo leading up to the album. But today’s youth’s attention span is so short I felt like I could just put out an album and the impulse of it being a surprise album would drive them to buy the project. So it’s called ColleGrove. … This album is my album but it’s like my dedication to him – I have a great relationship with Cash Money/Young Money. He’s like my brother, my friend, actually my favorite rapper. So I just felt like it was time to put out a project or somebody to just acknowledge the fact that he had a lot to do with moving the culture to where it is now.” (“The Wendy Williams Show”)

Rap star Kanye West revealed the project’s cover art a few weeks ago.