Def Jam’s 2 Chainz really has fans of all ages. The hip-hop veteran has dished on pulling through for a Sweet 16 party and getting a room full of teenagers turned up.

Deuce went to Instagram Sunday (December 17) to dish on the birthday celebration.

“You won’t believe this, bruh. I just did a Sweet 16 party, bruh, and listen, listen, they lit out that motherf*cker. They knowing everything, all the songs. You know my résumé consists of cocaína talk, digital scale conversations, you know what I’m saying? Stripper lifestyles and things like that so I was very surprised, they mom and dad. Lil George. Lil George, you a boss already.”


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Chainz recently called out mega retailer Wal-Mart for selling his signature Dabbin’ Santa clothing.

This week, 2 Chainz announced a new partnership with underwear company Ethika and his Dabbin’ Santa line.


Around mid-November, Deuce announced the mighty return of his Dabbin’ Santa sweaters.