[With “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” available now on Digital HD and arriving on Blu-ray/DVD June 7, actor Dominic Fumusa talks to SOHH about starring in director Michael Bay’s action-packed thriller. (Photo by Nick Wass/Invision for Paramount Pictures/AP Images)]

It was a thrill being in a Michael Bay film. He’s a force of nature. He moves so fast and shoots so fast.

He has more set-ups than any other director I’ve either seen in-person or read about.

What’s also great about Michael is he has a profound respect for the military. He knew we had to get this story right. He took it upon himself to make sure this story was told in a truthful way and in a way that really honors what these guys went through.

I think he pulled it off. Michael is a genius and he’s just so wonderfully intense.

He’s like a thrill ride. You know the set but you don’t know what’s exactly going to happen because what he often does is changes his mind and he has a list of shots that you think are going to go on that day and sometimes he just throws that away.

You’ve got to be ready. You’ve got to be on your toes all the time and ready to move back and forth.

With having a theater background, I think this was something I could adapt to. Usually on TV shows, you’re only learning a few lines. So we all were ready to go anywhere in the script at anytime and Michael demanded that.

That was thrilling. It was a unique experience.