Hollywood actor Spike Jonze and actor Jesse Williams are helping to break down the negative taboos still surrounding marijuana. The high-profile entertainers have linked for a must-watch MedMen commercial.

Jones’ two-minute commercial is the first-ever for MedMen and stars Williams as they present the United States’ history with marijuana.

It opens on what appears to be a natural history museum diorama that depicts founding father George Washington (played by Williams) at his hemp farm, examining a specimen from his latest crop–the point being that back then, growing weed was about as eyebrow-raising as growing your own wheat or corn. The film then takes a darker turn, illustrating what the V.O. says was America’s “80 years of unjust prohibition, which hasn’t made us any safer”–with scenes of individuals getting frisked by police and harsh punishments in court. (Ad Age)

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⬅️Ushering in the new normal. 🌱 (BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb 25, 2019 The diverse creative team behind the project includes actor Jesse Williams, director Spike Jonze, Academy-Award nominated cinematographer Bradford Young and production designer James Chinlund, who is currently working on the upcoming Lion King movie. Jesse Williams commented, “The highly selective criminalization of one plant, with flagrantly harsher punishments for one community, must be acknowledged and left behind for something more reasonable, realistic and fair. “It’s pretty clear that Americans are ready to exist beyond a few inherited hypocrisies. We deserve the opportunity to make this right. We can do, and feel, better. “The issue of racial injustice in cannabis is very important to me. I witnessed crack-era Chicago growing up in the ‘80s. I saw firsthand cops preying on poor people, frisking kids on the street. we moved to suburban Massachusetts and I saw all these white kids smoking weed, growing weed, selling weed, where it was basically coded as “mischief” and overlooked. And this type of coming-of-age story … it’s in the fabric of America. Why are white kids allowed to experiment, make mistakes and not be forever vilified for it? I’ve lived this dichotomy and it’s clearly bullshit.” #Decriminalize #Marijuana #SpikeJonze #BradfordYoung #JamesChinlund #JesseWilliams #MMNewNormal

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