Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator recently talked about the attention he receives for making gay jokes and explained the root of it all.

Despite not being a homosexual, Tyler said he has his bromance moments for select Hollywood male stars.

I finally ask, Why all the gay humor? “Because I’m gay as f*ck,” he says, without a flinch. Seriously, are you gay? Are these repressed feelings? “No, but I am in love with ’96 Leonardo DiCaprio,” he says. “I one hundred percent would go gay for ’96 Leo. Oh, and Cole Sprouse.” (Rolling Stone)

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Louisiana rapper Boosie Bad Azz shared his thoughts on gay culture being televised on social media this week.

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A few weeks ago, rap star Wale clarified his comments about artists like Odd Future’s Frank Ocean reaping benefits for being openly gay musicians.

“I said Frank Ocean is extremely talented and I know he would have got where he’s at but he got there at an accelerated pace because of his situation. I’m not taking nothing away from Frank Ocean or the gay community – I’m just saying it was a unique situation and people could profit from that accelerated position. That’s all I was saying. But they won’t say that though. I think Frank Ocean is one of the best writers and vocalists in the game right now but [the media] won’t say that though – Frank Ocean’s one of the dopest n*ggas in the game.” (TMZ)

Recently, Wale talked about Ocean benefiting from being openly gay.

“If a dude was gay, man, he’d get a Grammy. They’re gonna make fun of them. They’re gonna throw their Twitter jokes … but in the next three years there’s probably gonna be a dude who’s not even gay that’s just like ‘Man, this is my last resort’ … But nah, I would sign a gay rapper if he was dope. ‘Go ahead man, go do that thing, go do them Versace fashion shows.’ … People are probably going to go bad on me for saying this, but it’s an advantage to be gay in this country right now, that’s just the fact of the matter.” (“The Breakfast Club”)