Yung Joc Reveals His Post-Bad Boy Deal, “It Is My Pleasure To Announce My New Partnership”

Yung Joc Reveals His Post-Bad Boy Deal, “It Is My Pleasure To Announce My New Partnership”

Former Bad Boy Records recording artist Yung Joc has announced signing a new deal with Polo Grounds/RCA Music Group marking his official transition from Diddy‘s iconic record label.

Based on a press release, Joc’s deal was announced today.

“Joc is a triple threat. As an artist, executive and personality, he is now entering a higher phase of his career and I’m happy to play a part in it,” affirms Bryan Leach, President, Polo Grounds Music. “I feel with Pitbull, Yo Gotti and now Yung Joc, Polo Grounds has an amazing front line of smart, talented, hungry artists that will continue to show why it’s still all about making hit records and outworking everyone else.” (Press Release)

Joc has also released a statement confirming his new deal.

“It is my pleasure and honor to announce my affiliation and new partnership with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Music Group and Battery/Jive Records,” states Yung Joc. “Now I can actually work and not wonder if I’m going to be held back from building my own brand as well as the Swagg Team brand. I’m very excited to work with this team.” (Statement)

Bad Boy artist Red Cafe recently talked about Joc’s move off the label.

“You just gotta have you business right,” Cafe said comparing his situation to Joc’s. “It’s no different than any other building. All these buildings have they flaws, it’s really about having your business correct, having a good lawyer, reading your contract, knowing what the requirements are and what the obligations are. A lot of people don’t look at that. They expect things that were never an obligation…Experience, that’s the best teacher. I done experienced a lot of sh*t, going through different labels, sh*t like that. So it’s all good.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Last December, Joc revealed his time on Bad Boy had come to an end.

“I just closed my new deal as an artist I’m very happy of that, I fought a very long time for the last two years of my life to get out of my past experience, just closed my new one, so be looking for the kid, it’s time to step it up and do it one more time,” he explained in an interview. “There’s no feeling, I do. I definitely do, I’m my own man, I’m my own entity, Swag Team Entertainmentis the label and hey I’m good. Right now I’m looking forward to 2010, making it a bigger and better year, bigger and better movement. A lot of new artists will be distributed through Jive on Swag Team Entertainment, too many to name right now. You’ll know it when you see it, when the time is appropriate to name names then that will be done.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out Red Cafe speaking on Yung Joc below:

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