Yung Joc Promises It’s Still Goin’ Down, “People Jump Ship So Fast”

Yung Joc Promises It’s Still Goin’ Down, “People Jump Ship So Fast”

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc may no longer be associated with Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records but is back to tell fans he has no plans of dropping the mic.

Discussing his new Ready to Fly mixtape, Joc said he continues making a steady buzz.

“I remember on my last mixtape, Grind Flu, I got a song with Chris Brown. I remember people were like, ‘Why you got Chris on there? It’s over for him.’ Look at him now — It’s just funny how people jump ship so fast,” Joc said in an interview. “It don’t take but a little buzz, a little heat up under that frying pan to heat things up, and people are right back on the bandwagon. Hopefully that’s what this mixtape will do, because I’m gonna keep coming, dropping video after video.” (MTV)

In 2009, Joc revealed his time on Bad Boy had officially come to an end.

“I just closed my new deal as an artist I’m very happy of that, I fought a very long time for the last two years of my life to get out of my past experience, just closed my new one, so be looking for the kid, it’s time to step it up and do it one more time,” he explained in an interview. “There’s no feeling, I do. I definitely do, I’m my own man, I’m my own entity, Swag Team Entertainmentis the label and hey I’m good. Right now I’m looking forward to 2010, making it a bigger and better year, bigger and better movement. A lot of new artists will be distributed through Jive on Swag Team Entertainment, too many to name right now. You’ll know it when you see it, when the time is appropriate to name names then that will be done.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Bad Boy artist Red Cafe previously talked about Joc’s disassociation from the label.

“You just gotta have you business right,” Cafe said comparing his situation to Joc’s. “It’s no different than any other building. All these buildings have they flaws, it’s really about having your business correct, having a good lawyer, reading your contract, knowing what the requirements are and what the obligations are. A lot of people don’t look at that. They expect things that were never an obligation…Experience, that’s the best teacher. I done experienced a lot of sh*t, going through different labels, sh*t like that. So it’s all good.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Joc’s relationship with Diddy began roughly five years ago.

Joc later hooked up with Russell “Block” Spencer and his Block Enterprises label and released the hard club track “It’s Goin’ Down” in early 2006. The track became an Atlanta favorite and eventually landed on the desk of Sean “Diddy” Combs. Spencer had already brought the group Boyz N da Hood to Diddy, and with Joc sounding like the very hot Young Jeezy and T.I., Diddy felt he had the right artist to take his fledgling Bad Boy South label to the top. Spencer inked a multi-million dollar deal with Bad Boy to sign Yung Joc and his label Mastermind along with Spencer’s own Block Enterprises. (All Music)

Yung Joc’s New Joc City debuted in June 2006 and was later followed by Hustlenomics in August 2007.

Check out a recent Yung Joc interview down below:

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