Yung Joc Denies Setting Up Studio Robbery, “I’ve Been Seeing Stories [Saying] This Is About Insurance Fraud”

Yung Joc Denies Setting Up Studio Robbery, “I’ve Been Seeing Stories [Saying] This Is About Insurance Fraud”

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc has cleared the air on rumors and speculation claiming he secretly planned the robbery of his Georgia studio which saw thousands of dollars in valuables diminish.

In addition to denying the claims, Joc has also offered a reward for the return of his stolen music.

Joc said his brother and his brother’s girlfriend were outside the small home when someone forced them inside, taped their mouths, put zip ties around their wrists, forced them into the bathroom and then cleaned out the place. The robbers took upward of $70,000 worth of equipment. Joc said they also took the irreplaceable material on his hard drives. “I’ve got songs with Jasmine Sullivan, Lil Wayne, Pitbull – I mean, big name artists,” Joc said. Joc said he’s offering a $2,500 reward for whoever gets his drives back to him. “I’ve been seeing stories where people say this is about insurance fraud. The truth is, I did not have insurance. I was in the process of deciding who I wanted an insurance policy with,” said Joc. (WSBTV)

A week ago, Joc confirmed the robbery took place but assured fans no one was fatally wounded.

“#robbingseason!!!!!!!!! It’s officially here!!! They took all my sh*t!!! Now watch god bless me with sumn Bigga and better!! Love,” he tweeted December 18th.

“Just thankful they didn’t kill my ppl…” (Yung Joc’s Twitter)

Two of Joc’s employees were victims to the robbery.

Police are searching for three men who ambushed and robbed a man and a woman at gunpoint at a recording studio in northwest Atlanta. The recording studio is located in a home on Boyd Avenue and is owned by Atlanta rapper Yung Joc. Atlanta police said the men were waiting in the bushes for caretakers of the studio to show up around 5 a.m. Sunday. When they did , the men ambushed the man and woman, forced them into the bathroom and tied them up. Police said the robbers took around $50,000 in equipment. (WSBTV)

Despite the deadly situation, both victims were eventually able to escape for help.

The two caretakers, a man and a woman, were able to escape to a friend’s house to call 911. They didn’t recognize the robbers, but detectives are hoping they may have left fingerprints on some of the items. Police also said the robbers planned to use the victims’ car to get away with some of the equipment, but decided to leave the vehicle at the studio. (RapFix)

As of now, no arrests have been made in the robbery case.

Check out some recent Yung Joc footage down below:

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