Yung Berg Violently Beaten & Robbed In Los Angeles

Yung Berg Violently Beaten & Robbed In Los Angeles

Rapper Yung Berg was reportedly violently beaten and robbed in California earlier this week.

According to reports, the incident occurred during a house party on Monday (February 22).

Berg — the guy who rapped on the song “Sexy Can I” — was violently beaten and robbed at a house in Los Angeles … TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement sources, Berg — real name Christian Ward — was at a house party at around 2:00 AM Monday morning when four suspects entered the home and brandished firearms. We’re told the suspects pistol-whipped two people inside the party — one of whom was Berg. Law enforcement sources say the suspects robbed eight people and made off with $10,000 in cash and jewelry. (TMZ)

The rapper previously made headlines after being assaulted on-camera last year.

Poor Yung Berg can’t win for losing. In the video underneath the hood, a heated discussion and small fade is caught, but when Yung Turd attempts to flee into a store to get away…a white boy catches fade with the back of his head. (Bossip)

He later responded to the incident and said he was sucker punched.

“Ah man, I done seen a lot of sh*t in my life, right, but that footage that I just saw earlier was some of the most rigid, swine of f*cking wh*re footage I ever seen in my f*cking life,” Berg said in a self-made video. “How dare you fraud a** n*ggas out there. I mean, I knew it was coming, personally because it was only two and a half years ago, it was only a disagreement between my manager, or my old manager, and all that other sh*t. And then, the coward sh*t is, the homie, I was watching the footage to get a glimpse of myself to see what went on and like, punching me in the back of the head while I’m talking to somebody else? Like that must be some of the fraudest sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life…What you need to know is — that sh*t will never happen again.One, because I’m moving correctly. Two, because I’m moving correctly motherf*ckers. So y’all go ahead and watch old footage of me…” (Crooked Rap)

Berg also spoke on controversy surrounding his publicized dispute with rapper Maino in 2008 after he was slapped.

“Me and him, we rocked hard, we was on a lot of tours together” Berg said in an interview. “It is what it is…I never really spoke on it because my management was telling me at the time ‘Don’t speak on it, it’s not nothing, it’s not even in your fanbase.’ I thought that once we had the conversation the next day that it was going to be deaded. Me personally, I thought once we spoke, it wasn’t going to be spoken upon anymore. The only thing I didn’t really like about it is it went on and on and on. From interviews to magazines to editorials to interviews with radio…I’m not blaming him because he’s just doing his job and he’s doing…that’s the only thing I didn’t like about it…We spoke about it, it was a misunderstanding, we like brothers, I look up to you like a big brother, he d*mn near ten years older than me…just the way it went on and on and on, it was beyond me…I’ll admit it, I stepped to him…And I came at him incorrectly and I apologized for that…Maino is a street dude, he’s done time in jail and I’m a young and sexy dude, for the young and sexy period. It is what it is, much success to him.” (Vlad TV)

Check out Yung Berg addressing his past assault down below:

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