Yung Berg Stole “Jesus Walks” From Kanye West, “How Crazy Is That?” [Video]

Yung Berg Stole “Jesus Walks” From Kanye West, “How Crazy Is That?” [Video]

Embattled rapper Yung Berg has revealed a past opportunity to create a name for himself as a teenager by utilizing a stolen version of Kanye West‘s Grammy-winning track, “Jesus Walks.”

According to Berg, his close association with Yeezy’s camp put him in a position to seize the award-winning beat during his early days in Chicago.

“Kanye West is the best artist and producer in the game right now and the best artist to come out of Chicago,” Berg said in an interview with Mikey T The Move Star. “So what happened was, I was around [producer] Boogz, the whole 1st & 15th, Lupe Fiasco, ask Lupe about me — Boogz had a demo tape, not even a demo, a beat reel CD of Kanye’s or whatever. It had ‘Jesus Walks’ on there and I ended up stealing that CD from Boogz — I stole the beat, granted, the ‘Jesus Walks’ beat is exactly the way you hear it or [if] it’s amplified to other sounds — I recorded this song and ‘Jesus Walks’ was on my demo. Like, how crazy is that? … I played Rodney [Jerkins] a lot of my records [from the demo], I was at like record number three…he ordered some food and I remember I was sitting there and Rodney fell asleep while I was playing him ‘Jesus Walks.’ Dead a**.” (Mikey T The Movie Star)

The experience has inspired Berg to display his life story on the big screen.

“This is my life experiences and that’s why I’m writing a book and movie,” Berg added. “It’s coming soon. Rodney Jerkins fell asleep while listening to ‘Jesus Walks.’ The beat, f*ck what I was saying, the beat…I was 16 and that was on my demo. He fell asleep and I watched ‘Jesus Walks’ come out with a Grammy. Salute. I’m excited about that because those are just my trials and tribulations in the music.” (Mikey T The Movie Star)

In 2004, Ye’s record helped earn the producer a Grammy and recognition from Rolling Stone.

The single was accompanied by three separate music videos, each of which visually interpreted a portion of its multifaceted context in different ways. “Jesus Walks” continues to be a crowd favorite and stands as one of the most-performed songs by West, who has included it within all of his headlining tours. At the 47th Grammy Awards, “Jesus Walks” was awarded the Grammy for Best Rap Song. Rolling Stone named the song #19 on their list of 50 Best Songs of the 2000s decade. (Wikipedia)

In addition to having a rap career, Berg has also has production credits under his belt.

“A lot of people don’t know that I’ve been behind the scenes producing and writing records for a lot of different artists. I actually have two records on Diddy‘s Last Train To Paris album that I produced, one called “Make Love To You” and “Half On A Baby” that I co-wrote as well. They’re both slower, R&B type songs. He actually sent the “Half On A Baby record to Rico Love, who I’ve been building a relationship with.” (VIBE)

Check out Yung Berg’s “Jesus Walks” story below:

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