Yukmouth Untucks The Rumors After Calling Trinidad James Gay

Yukmouth Untucks The Rumors After Calling Trinidad James Gay

West Coast rapper Yukmouth has stepped forward to clear up comments he made recently about the hip-hop industry becoming more gay-oriented and, specifically, things he said about rap newcomer Trinidad James.

Despite calling James’ fashion choices “gay,” Yuk has insisted there is no beef brewing between them.

“Im not beefin w/ @trinnadadjamesGG Ding dongs!!! I just shoutted him out on my new video so why woud I beef w/ him??Fake beef stop it FIVE!!,” he tweeted Monday (April 29).

“I shouted Trinidad James out in this video [#VIDEO] >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vERPQsbcZDg&feature=youtube_gdata_player … … @YOUNG_NOBLE1 & @GageGully Feat @THAREALYUKMOUTH pr”” (Yukmouth’s Twitter)

Tensions appear to boil when Yuk singled out James’ popular “All Gold Everything” visual in an interview over the weekend.

“Trinidad James, I don’t give a f*ck, that first video, he was gay as sh*t,” Yuk added, referring to James’ “All Gold Everything” music video. “That leopard shirt open, gay. The way that n*gga was rubbing on that thug? Gay. Everything’s gay. Period. I don’t give a f*ck. That n*gga had no [shirt] with the backpack on. Man t*tties, gay. Gay. I don’t give a f*ck. It wasn’t all gay, but he had some gay moments.” (Murder Master Music Show)

He also threw New York rapper A$AP Rocky into the discussion.

“I don’t hold my tongue back for anything — I just think the whole industry is hella gay right now,” Yuk said in an interview. “It’s like the more gayer you are, the more skinnier your jeans is — if you too gangsta for this sh*t, they ain’t f*cking with you. Period. Now if you do some corny gimmick sh*t and you got the gayest sh*t going on in life. The n*gga had the gay dress on, what’s the n*gga’s name? A$AP Rocky. He had a dress on with some motherf*cking leg warmers with some Pippi Longstocking boots and he’s winning. He’s the top n*gga right now. The gayer you are, the more you win.” (Murder Master Music Show)

While Yuk may not have real issues with James, he did recently go after fellow Southern rapper Plies.

Yukmouth and his Regime get at Plies on his new diss record, entitled “Charles Bronson.” The Oakland rapper opens with a parody of Plies’ latest music video, “Low Miles,” before busting in with his goons and taking him hostage. On “Charles Bronson,” Yuk calls out Plies while point to his educational background, rapping: “B*tch, you live the class life / But he screaming ‘trap life.'” What started the beef between Yukmouth and Plies was unknown at press time. (Baller Status)

Check out Yukmouth’s interview:

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