“You’re Only Going To Give A Guy So Many Chances To Keep Coming [Back]. I Think Ma$e’s Got One Last Shot”

“You’re Only Going To Give A Guy So Many Chances To Keep Coming [Back]. I Think Ma$e’s Got One Last Shot”

Days after New York rapper Sauce Money publicly called out Ma$e, fellow Harlem hip-hop newcomer Ca$hflow hit up SOHH to give his take on the elusive rapper’s status in the music industry.

Despite Sauce’s dicey words, Ca$h said he thinks his “Young Harlem N*gga” collaborator is really back to reclaim his spot in the music biz.

“He’s focused right now,” Ca$hflow told SOHH when asked about Sauce Money’s comments about Ma$e and how determined he is to put out new music. “Everybody’s seen him going in and out but right now, he’s on that Kanye West Cruel Summer G.O.O.D. Music album, I see the focus and hunger in him right now. Hopefully he can keep it up but right now, he’s definitely focused.” (SOHH)

He also acknowledged why this could be Ma$e’s last shot to win the fans over.

“The whole world is waiting. When you give a guy so many chances and he keeps coming in and out, that means you’re a fan some how and some way,” Ca$h added. “He’s an artist that brought the swag to the game when the industry really didn’t have that. Puff Daddy was co-signing that and he’s like the king of the swag. So it’s just about seeing where he’s going to take it from here. It looks like he’s starting off with Kanye and we’re going to see where he goes from here. You’re only going to give a guy so many chances to keep coming in and out. But I think he’s got one last shot, so let’s see what he does with it.” (SOHH)

Recently, Sauce Money took direct aim at Mason Betha’s rap image.

“I don’t really give a f*ck what n*ggas do, so I really don’t have a problem with [artists] coming and going. What I do have a problem with – and we was talking about Ma$e I believe – I do have a problem when you step into that arena [of religion] and now you’ve got people following you and people looking up to you and this, that and the third, and people giving you money for what you’re doing because you’re giving a message, it’s almost like you’re leading them astray. You’re fooling them. Them uptown n*ggas is known for that hustling sh*t…I don’t respect that, I can’t respect that…I used to like Ma$e [as a rapper], I don’t respect how he moves in that arena…you’re a scumbag.” (Complex)

Over the spring, the rapper promised his latest return to the hip-hop spotlight is legit.

Flex, let me tell you something before I go, though,” Ma$e said, “I can only do music if I can do it the way I can do it. That’s what be making me stop. I don’t want to do music in a box. Like everybody say what I can’t do and he can’t say this, but if you need me to come do something for you, I’ve gotta be able to come to that event. So I’m taking all the limitations off. They gonna have to pray for me. I regret not giving myself room for growth. That’s what I regret. I went so hard left that I didn’t really leave no room to be an individual, a human being. … I still put God over music any day. I just didn’t give myself room to grow. I went from one extreme to another extreme.” (“The Funkmaster Flex Show”)

Check out Ca$hflow & Ma$e’s “Young Harlem N*gga” below:

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