“You’re Going To See Cameos From 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh & [More]”

“You’re Going To See Cameos From 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh & [More]”

[After recently reuniting with his Hot Boys brethren at 2 Chainz’s “Used To” music video and nearing the one-year anniversary of being released from prison, New Orleans’ Turk tells SOHH readers what’s the hold-up with his long-awaited “It’s Hot” visual.]

The “It’s Hot” music video is going to be out real soon. It’s a long process because you have to go through a lot of edits and make sure your videos are approved for MTV and BET and things like that.

That’s why it hasn’t come out yet. We’ve been going through that process. The editing process of it is finished and we did the part that we had to do. Like I’ve said, you’re going to see cameos from 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh and a couple of local artists down in New Orleans as well.

We got the whole city. It’s just love, man. We went down there recently to shoot a music video. We bought the camoflauge and the white tees, and it was the whole Hot Boys feel. We just felt that love. It’s going to be real epic, man.

Y’all be tuned into 2 Chainz’s new “Used To” music video and look out for my “It’s Hot” video. That’s my video.

We’re giving you a two for one, so let’s get it.

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