Young Money’s Tyga Accused Of Short-Changing Landlord

Young Money’s Tyga Accused Of Short-Changing Landlord

Young Money rapper Tyga is making headlines this weekend over reportedly falling back on Malibu mansion payments and now catching heat from his landlord.

According to reports, the “Rack City” hitmaker inked a one-year lease last summer.

“Rack City” rapper Tyga owes WAY more than ten, ten, ten, twenties, and them fifties on his rented Malibu mansion — so says Tyga’s landlord … and now, the guy’s suing to get his money. A man named Gholamreza Rezai filed the lawsuit against Tyga and his music company, claiming Tyga signed a one-year lease in June, agreeing to pay $16,000 per month to live in the luxurious pad … but he stopped paying rent last month. Rezai claims Tyga expressed a desire to move out by September 30th — informing Rezai that fans kept showing up at his front door … and Tyga was worried the home didn’t offer enough security. (TMZ)

The landlord claims Tyga has continued to live there despite not coughing up payments.

According to the suit, Rezai refused to terminate the lease agreement and demanded September’s rent — but Tyga still wouldn’t ante up. What’s worse, Rezai claims Tyga still hadn’t vacated the premises by September 30th … and the rapper allegedly continues to live there. We called Tyga for his side of the story, but were unable to reach him. Rezai is suing for the past-due rent, plus damages, and he wants Tyga booted from the home ASAP. (TMZ)

Outside of the legal woes, Tyga recently weighed in on gossip bloggers.

“Motherf*ckers is d*ck riders. Motherf*ckers don’t post the sh*t that they really, really love. They post the sh*t that the readers want to see and gets views. It’s like, Internet world. I be seeing sh*t and I be like, “C’mon dude.” Even on some fashion sh*t, I check out y’all site and other sites and I’m like, “Man, I had them sh*ts six months ago.” People aren’t really seeing what I’m doing. When I finally do it, n*ggas think like, “He’s just biting this person.” N*gga, I don’t shop anywhere else but Paris. I don’t even buy my clothes in the States. On some real sh*t. I know what I be doing, that’s why I be threatening to other people. I don’t really worry about what the blogs say because I still sell out shows and I still got my fan base that’s loyal to me. And I love what I’m doing.” (Complex)

The Young Money rapper recently got announced to perform at the Adult Video News (AVN) awards this winter.

AVN Media Network is pleased to announce hip-hop sensation Tyga will be performing at the 2013 AVN Awards. Sin City will be renamed Rack City after the chart topping rapper performs at the show’s 30th anniversary celebration. “It’s going to be a lot of fun being in Vegas, going to the awards and performing on stage,” Tyga told AVN. “Once I saw it on TV I knew how big it was. It’s the 30th anniversary, and I know it’s a big night. I got a little taste of porn now through doing my movie and playing the awards is going to be something else. I’m really looking forward to it, and I plan on having a lot of fun.” (Ring Side Report)

Check out some past Tyga footage below:

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