Young Money’s Drake Dodges Arrest In Jamaica

Young Money’s Drake Dodges Arrest In Jamaica

Young Money’s Drake reportedly dodged a possible arrest while performing at Brit Jam last week in Jamaica over explicit language used during his set.

According to reports, Drake was firmly cautioned about his word usage during a show last week.

Drake was warned, watch your mouth when you hit the stage at Brit Jam! But he didn’t heed his friend Mavado’s warning and narrowly avoided a criminal charge with least street-cred upside, lol. During a recent performance at Fantasy Island for the weeklong Brit Jam festival, Mavado brought on his friend Drake for a special guest appearance. Drake is currently an artist-in-residence at Jamaica’s luxury resort, GeeJam, where everyone from Gwen Stefani to Amy Winehouse have combined retreat and recording. But even though he was told to keep the language clean, Drake must have gotten caught up in the moment, when he said something like “Everywhere me go, me seh Jamaica to the blood clot world.” “Blood clot” being the definition of “indecent language” in Montego Bay’s local rule book. (Miss Info TV)

A Brit Jam representative also weighed in on Jamaica’s strict language policies.

“Jamaica is very strict [about it’s no cursing policy],” Andrew Anguin, Brit Jam’s Marketing Manager, told via a phone call from Montego Bay. “The officer just asked [Drake] that he not curse any more. He was just passing through. He wasn’t slated to perform, so he just stopped. He wasn’t in any trouble. He came off the stage and that was that.” (XXL Mag)

The rapper was reportedly removed from the stage by bodyguards.

In the past, Montego Bay authorities have charged high-profile performers like Snoop Dogg and even Jamaican acts like Sean Paul for using profanity. According to sources at the Brit Jam festival, Drake’s bodyguards removed him from the stage to avoid getting arrested. (The Boom Box)

In January, Drake discussed his admiration toward Jamaica.

“I want to do something for Jamaica because we’re supposed to go back out there and record soon as this European tour is over,” Drake revealed in an interview. “So I [asked dancehall singer Mavado’s manager Julian Jones-Griffith] — send me some rhythms that are popping and I’ll see what I can do. He sent me some riddims that are popping, so I’ll see what I can do. You never know. [laughs]” (Much Music)

Check out footage of Drake’s Jamaica performance below:

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