Young Money Star Accused Of Stealing Nearly $100K In Bling From Diddy & LeBron James’ Jeweler

Young Money Star Accused Of Stealing Nearly $100K In Bling From Diddy & LeBron James’ Jeweler

Young Money’s Tyga is sparking some unwanted attention as reports claim he is being sued for allegedly taking nearly $100,000 in jewelry and not paying the hefty tab.

Details of the pricey lawsuit surfaced across the Internet Wednesday (September 4) morning.

Tyga is rolling around town with some sick jewelry — a diamond watch and chain worth more than $91,000 — but problem is the bling ain’t his … at least according to a lawsuit filed by a famous Beverly Hills jeweler. In the suit, Jason of Beverly Hills claims the rapper agreed to drop $28,275 for the jeweler’s diamond pantheon watch back in August, 2012. (TMZ)

Unless Tyga can pay up sooner than later, he is going to have to try his luck in court.

JBH also claims Tyga — real name Michael Stevenson — borrowed a $63,000 diamond Cuban link chain in December, 2012 — but never returned the piece. Now JBH is suing for the cost of both pieces, plus late fees … which just about doubles Tyga’s tab to a whopping $185,306.50. We called Tyga’s peeps for comment … but haven’t heard back. RICH FUN FACTS: Jason of Bev Hills has also iced up Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Diddy, Beyonce, and LeBron James. If nothing else, Tyga has good taste. (TMZ)

No stranger to lawsuits, a couple of models recently filed $10 million cases against Tyga for being exposed in one of his music videos.

Dancers Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies, who appear in Tyga’s “Make it Nasty” video, are suing the rapper for allegedly violating their contracts. Elizabeth and Azia claim that they signed contracts with strict no nudity clauses, but shots of their bare breasts ended up in the video anyway. The two dancers originally filed the suit against Tyga last year after the nudity-filled video made its way onto the internet, but they’ve only recently decided on a number that will alleviate their pain and suffering: $10 million a piece (per girl, not per boob). (Wet Paint)

While an initial “Make It Nasty” video premiered in December 2011, its more explicit version dropped last summer.

The music video for “Make It Nasty” was uploaded to YouTube on the 4th December 2011, it contains explicit content so it cannot be shown on TV. It was directed by Alex Nazari. On July 28, 2012 a second video containing explicit content was released for the song Directed by Colin Tilley. (Wikipedia)

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