Young Money President Spills Beans On Lil Wayne & Drake’s Albums [Video]

Young Money President Spills Beans On Lil Wayne & Drake’s Albums [Video]

Young Money president Mack Maine recently discussed what fans can expect from upcoming solo albums courtesy of Lil Wayne and Drake as their release dates inch closer.

Promising both albums would arrive this year, Maine said Weezy F. Baby, as always, brings his A-game to the forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II LP.

“2013, Wayne’s album, Drake’s album — [Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II sounds like] greatness, it’s lyrically insane,” Mack said in an interview. “When he does the I Am Not A Human Being, he taps into a different part of his brain where he just talks out of his mind and out of this world. Just expect him being Wayne and more edgy, saying what he wants and a lot of fun, a lot of high energy, of course. It’s a great album.” (Rap-Up)

Mack also dished out how many songs Drizzy has knocked out for his new Nothing Was the Same.

“Drake doesn’t have a date yet. He just put out his first street single,” Maine said in an interview. “I actually heard some of it, it’s great. He’s on the same pace as he always is, to drop a classic. He’s like ten songs in, knowing him, that’s only four songs. He’s probably only going to keep six of them. He’s a perfectionist. So be on the lookout for Drake.” (Rap-Up)

Weezy recently talked about what high-profile guest features would land on his LP.

“I have a lot of guests on the album. That’s what’s unusual about the album. I’m usually a two or three feature-type guy. But this album, I have a lot of features because I have a lot of friends, a lot of people that wanted to help out. I just appreciate them all. And I have a lot of different production on it too. I got Juicy J, David Banner, Soulja Boy – and that’s the production.” (NOLA)

During the Grammy Awards, Drizzy announced the title of 2011’s Take Care follow-up.

“I just won a Grammy [for Best Rap Album]. I think music, it’s a process we all go through. It’s an evolution. You’re constantly figuring out what works for you. Should you direct your own videos? Should you be more involved in certain aspects? With Take Care, I really found myself, found my stride. I’m excited to continue on with the new album, the album is titled Nothing Was the Same. I’m just excited about life in general.” (E! Online)

Check out Mack Maine’s interview:

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