Young Money President Cuts Off Lil Wayne Dreadlock Talk: “Let’s End The Speculation”

Young Money President Cuts Off Lil Wayne Dreadlock Talk: “Let’s End The Speculation”

Young Money President Mack Maine has provided the final word on current chatter related to Lil Wayne allegedly chopping off his iconic dreadlocks down in New Orleans.

Maine provided proof Weezy’s hair is still in tact with an Instagram photo.

“Let’s end the speculation….Lil bro didn’t cut his hair…but he is rocking that Saints Super Bowl ring!! #longhairdontcare,” he tweeted February 1st. (Mack Maine’s Twitter)

Confirmation on Wayne’s hair game also surfaced online Friday (February 1) evening from various media outlets.

In the photos, it looked as if Wayne had cut off his locks, but MTV News contributor Kelley L. Carter — who watched Tunechi perform at a pre-Super Bowl party in New Orleans and even posed for a picture with the “A Milli” MC — said Weezy’s wig is still intact. “I’m pretty sure he still had his dreads and they were pulled back in a ponytail,” she told us Friday (February 1). “In fact, I’m like 1,000 percent positive. I would’ve noticed that.” Carter sent MTV News some exclusive photos that she snapped that ultimately debunk the hair-chopping theory. The angle mixed with the manner in which the rapper had his hair tied back did make it seem as if he had gotten a haircut and was wearing a mini-afro, but the picture was deceiving. (MTV)

Initial speculation of Wayne slicing off his dreadlocks heated up the Internet hours prior.

We never thought this day would come. Lil Wayne has been growing his long dreadlocks ever since his career launched with the Hot Boyz back in the early 2000s, and while it looked like he cut them off, he actually fooled us all. The Carter IV rapper hung out with Big Boi yesterday, and it looked like he was rocking a new short-haired look, but he in reality, he is just growing out his dreads even more while they are pulled back. (Global Grind)

Just a few weeks ago, Wayne inked a new tattoo onto his face.

You know what they say: “New year, new face tattoo.” At least that’s what Lil Wayne says. The rapper-turned-skateboarder decided to pay homage to skateboard company Baker the best way he knows how–by tattooing the word “baked” on his forehead. Weezy, who already has stars, a lightning bolt and teardrops (among other things) tattooed on his noggin, chose the area above his right eye for his new ink because… that’s the only place he has left? (FUSE TV)

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