Young Money CEO Explains Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Not Selling A Milli Its First-Week

Young Money CEO Explains Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Not Selling A Milli Its First-Week

Young Money CEO Cortez Bryant has explained why he believes Drake‘s highly-anticipated Thank Me Later debut album was unable to sell over a million copies its first-week in stores last June.

From Bryant’s perspective, Drizzy lacked a solid hit single to help push record-breaking sales.

“The first week was great but [Drake] still need that big smash pop hit like we had with [Lil] Wayne‘s ‘Lollipop,'” Bryant said in an interview. “Wayne got his million because he had that urban side and he crossed over to that pop demographic. I believe Drake would’ve got those million sales if we would’ve had that pop record. I don’t think ‘Fancy’ is that pop record either…It’ll go so far, but when we drop ‘Show Me A Good Time’ in September — that has the potential to be that big record.” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, Wayne predicted Thank Me Later would have the potential to push out over two million its first-week.

“A million in a week? I need him to do more than Tha Carter III,” Weezy adds of his breakthrough album, which sold more than 1 million copies in its debut week. “Like 2 million in the first week. I need him to do 2 million the first week, straight up.” (MTV)

Grammy-winning rapper T.I. believed Drake could have sold up to 500,000 copies in its opening-week.

“I’m confident in my man,” T.I. said about Drake’s first-week. “I think if 500 [thousand] was the over, under, I would take the over. Given his potential and his presence, I would. I think that’s safe, that’s a safe bet. He hasn’t put out a dud yet. He hasn’t put out a dud, not even as a feature, so I think that warrants about a half [a million].” (Hot 97)

Opening atop its competition with 447,000 sold records its first-week in stores last June, Drake’s debut is now just a few thousand away from hitting the million mark.

Young Money rapper Drake’s Thank Me Later slipped one notch to No. 12 with 23,400. Heading into his 11th week, the emcee’s long-awaited debut should reach platinum status next week with 993,500 records already sold. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Listen to Drake’s “Show Me A Good Time” below:

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