Young Jeezy’s “TM103″ First-Week Sales Projection Increases, Expected To Miss No. 1 Debut

Young Jeezy’s “TM103″ First-Week Sales Projection Increases, Expected To Miss No. 1 Debut

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy‘s Thug Motivation 103 first-week sales projections may topple its fellow hip-hop competition, however, the “Snowman” is expected to just miss having the number one album in the country.

Based on new reports, Jeezy’s LP will likely debut at the number three spot.

Industry sources project Michael Buble‘s “Christmas” album will sell around 400,000 to 450,000 copies by the end of the week, which should easily bump the title into second-place among 2011’s best-sellers. Right behind him is, unsurprisingly, Adele’s “21.” Sources say that the album may have its best sales week yet, moving somewhere between 375,000 to 400,000. Below Adele on the Building tally at No. 3 is Young Jeezy’s new “TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition,” which may bow with 200,000 to 250,000. (Billboard)

Last week estimates had the album selling up to 225,000 units.

Def Jam/IDJ’s Young Jeezy album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, hits fourth, looks set for an impressive first week sales number of between 200-225k, based on one-day reports from those retailers who took time out from making fun of Newt Gingrich‘s double chin to respond. The South Carolina-born rapper’s previous album, The Recession, debuted with nearly 260k upon its release in Sept. 2008. Windy City hip-hop icon Common’s Think. (HITS Daily Double)

Jeezy’s album suffered a leak days prior to its release.

“Yeah, it’s all good, man,” Jeezy said during a live Ustream session. “We ain’t tripping off those suckers leaking nothing. Real n*ggas ride with real n*ggas, you know. Real n*ggas gonna go and purchase that album. That sh*t ain’t just about the music. It’s a movement, man. We all we got. It’s us and then it’s them, baby. You know what I mean? We all we got and I gotcha.” (Ustream)

The LP will mark an end to the Snowman’s Thug Motivation series.

“I think this is the last one,” Jeezy said in an interview. “That’s why I put it together the way I did, you know. It’s on to the next chapter, the next phase. We did TM 101, which was [the first] Thug Motivation, 2 milli, changed the game a lil’ bit. I like to call it a classic. Just a lil’ bit though. … We did The Inspiration. I didn’t call it 102, but I think everybody in the streets called it 102 so I had to kind of ride with that. And then of course The Recession, shout out to Barack Obama, so now we’re back to motivating the thugs. … 2012, I just wanted to be there for my people.” (WPGC 95.5)

Check out a recent Young Jeezy interview below:

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