Young Jeezy’s Protégé Melts Away Papers/Blunts Debate: “4/20, I’m Going To Turn It Up”

Young Jeezy’s Protégé Melts Away Papers/Blunts Debate: “4/20, I’m Going To Turn It Up”

[With National Smoke Day (4/20) this coming weekend, SOHH’s taking a twist from the overdone “marijuana legalization” discussion and asking your favorite hip-hop artists what they recommend these days: papers or blunts. Young Jeezy protégé Tone Trump smokes out this debate.]

I’m versatile. I can’t front. I take turns. My favorite right now are the blunts, the Vanilla Cigarillos made by Dutchess Masters. I actually did an endorsement with a cigar company, so I have to shout them out. Shout-out to Hunid Racks.

I like the papers but I’m going to be honest with you, I’m so into rolling blunts. I roll blunts better. My little homie Sonny, he’s one of my artists, he’s really into the papers. The kids are really into the papers right now.

He’s younger than me. I can’t really call him a kid because he’s in his 20’s, but he likes rolling the papers. I like the papers but I’ve been rolling up blunts so good for so long. I’m still with Dutchess because they burn slow.

I definitely get why people do the papers. When I was in Cali, my boy Vinny put me onto these Raw Papers, and they were definitely the sh*t. When I came home, I went back to the blunts but I definitely have love for the papers.

I’m going to go with the blunts right now, all day and everyday. 4/20, I’m going to turn it up. I’m actually doing a 4/20 Plus One tour. I’m going to do this whole Smoke Fest thing.

People are really embracing the culture because of artists like Wiz Khalifa, big shout-out to him. My homie Snoop Dogg. There’s a lot of artists that have been behind this culture way before us. So you have to show them love for what they do.

There’s a lot of people on papers not because Wiz is on them but because they’re really into being hippies. So you have to show respect to them.

In 2007, Tone Trump teamed up with fellow Philadelphia-area rappers Jay Bezel and Hedonis da Amazon to produce an antiviolence single entitled “Every Day Is Crazy.” One of Tone Trump’s songs was chosen for the soundtrack for Close to Death, a documentary on urban gun violence by Philadelphia-based producers, getting him on the radar of a few major record labels. He also owns his own record label, Top Notch Entertainment. He was also signed to G-Unit Philly and also a member of The G-Unit Philly Group (with Mike Knox, Ive Vegas, Cotic) from 2009 he left the label due to a feud with co member Mike Knox . In January 2010, Tone Trump made a collaboration with Black Wall Street’s artist Nu Jerzey Devil called “What It Look Like.” He recently signed a deal with Young Jeezy’s CTE World label.

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