Young Jeezy’s Alleged Ex-Boot Camp Pal Wants His Money, Snowman Melts $5 Mil Accusations

Young Jeezy’s Alleged Ex-Boot Camp Pal Wants His Money, Snowman Melts $5 Mil Accusations

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy has reportedly responded to claims of an alleged former associate wanting millions of dollars in compensation for helping spark his platinum-selling music career.

According to reports, plaintiff Ellerbee Demetrius claims he was instrumental in Jeezy blowing up.

Young Jeezy is a rap superstar … so when some guy in Georgia sued him for MILLIONS — claiming he’s entitled to half Jeezy’s budding empire — the rapper had four words … WHAT YOU TALKIN’ BOUT???? Jeezy was sued last year for $5 million by a man named Ellerbee Demetrius, who claimed he helped make Jeezy’s career and is now owed money from at least 4 of his albums, including “The Inspiration” and “The Recession” … both of which went platinum. Ellerbee claims he has been best buds with Jeezy since 1995 and after meeting him at boot camp, the two formed a couple of record companies together, released a few mix-tapes, and spent their time nurturing Jeezy’s career. (TMZ)

Instead of ignoring the allegations, Jeezy has taken the legal route with his response.

Not only that, Ellerbee says when Jeezy hit the big time with Def Jam, he executive produced those studio albums. The problem … Jeezy says Ellerbee is FULL OF S**T. In fact, in recently filed legal docs … Jeezy denies being Ellerbee’s best friend (sad), denies forming ANY music companies with him — and says he 100% NEVER entered into any agreements (written or oral) to share HALF his profits. The case is still pending. (TMZ)

Former Jeezy affiliate Freddie Gibbs recently talked about leaving the “Snowman’s” Corporate Thugs Entertainment label.

“I can’t really say it was amicable. I could just say that we agreed to disagree. We definitely disagreed. The guy moves in a different way that I move, and I just wanted to branch out and do my own thing. I felt like I was wasting time pushing someone else’s brand when I could push my own and do my own thing. Because that’s was what he was concerned with, pushing Jeezy. So I gotta be concerned with pushing Gibbs.” (“The Morning Riot”)

Jeezy confirmed Freddie’s exit in mid-December despite handfuls of collaborations together.

“Freddie is a talented artist and I decided that it’s time to press reset on my career and business ventures,” said Jeezy in a statement. “I have no doubt that Freddie will go on to be everything I believe he can be, and I wish him the best in his career.” (Rap-Up)

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