Young Jeezy Wants The King Of The South, “We’ve Just Hit The Ground Running”

Young Jeezy Wants The King Of The South, “We’ve Just Hit The Ground Running”

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy recently talked about his chemistry alongside “King of the South” T.I. and how a joint project from them is not totally unrealistic.

While a joint effort is no more than talk as of now, Jeezy said he has run the idea to Tip before.

Although both Atlanta rappers have had hectic schedules this fall, Jeezy said that he and T.I. may someday release a joint album, a la “Watch The Throne.” “Me and Tip actually were together and we [talked] about it,” he said. “We’ve just hit the ground running and been doing so many records that I don’t think it’s impossible. And we’ve known each other [long] enough to put something like that together, and I definitely think that the city would need it, because it would be a good look. And it would be an amazing album release party, by the way.” (Billboard)

Coincidentally, the “King” talked about possibly linking with Grand Hustle’s B.o.B. for a collaborative project.

“We been goin’ in. We’re actually flirting with the idea of doin’ an album together called The Man and the Martian,” T.I. explained. “We just been compiling material, he and I together, and it’s coming out real good…Of course [Jay-Z and Kanye West] did inspire me, but I always have wanted to do a collaborative album. Even back when Jay did that with R. Kelly — I spoke to Usher about doing one of those before; the stars and the moon hadn’t aligned appropriately.” (“Sway in the Morning”)

With his Thug Motivation 103 album due out this winter, Jeezy recently unviled the project’s tracklisting.


“1. Talk 2 Me 2. Real Is How Ya Feel 3. Supa Freak 4. Trump 5. L.M.M. 6. Nothin 7. Never Be The Same 8. 38 9. Higher Learning 10. Change Ya Life 11. I Do 12. Trapped 13. Lil Homies 14. Errythang 15. This Ones For You” (Young Jeezy’s Twitter)

TM103 producer Drumma Boy recently talked to SOHH about Jeezy’s delayed LP.

“I’m extremely therapeutic to everybody I work with,” Drumma Boy told SOHH. “So it’s not like I”m just selling beats or passing off beats for ‘this’ person to rap on and ‘this’ person to rap on. I might just have a conversation with you that changes your life or I might tell Jeezy one or two things that he could do to flip around. It’s things like that, that can really help the moves that he makes. We look out for each other like that. It’s more of a therapeutic situation, making sure he gets what he needs. I did a record with him and Travis Barker. We got a special guest on the features, so stay tuned to that. I mean, Jeezy is a, when I speak on consistent grind, he has to be probably the leader in that category as far as consistency and how many records he’s doing and how much he’s doing with the clothing line and how much he’s doing on tour, overseas, with the kids and charity events.” (SOHH)

Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 is slated to drop Tuesday, December 20th.

Check out some recent Young Jeezy footage below:

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