Young Jeezy Publicist Debunks Upcoming “O’Reilly” Appearance

Young Jeezy Publicist Debunks Upcoming “O’Reilly” Appearance

A publicist for rapper Young Jeezy has denied recent claims of the emcee accepting a challenge to appear on Bill O’Reilly‘s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The clarification on Jeezy’s alleged appearance was made yesterday.

A publicist for the rapper told MTV News that Jeezy’s vague comments about possibly appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” were taken out of context by media outlets, and he has not formally accepted an invitation to appear on the show. “O’Reilly Factor” producer Ron Mitchell told MTV News on Tuesday (January 27) that the offer to Young Jeezy still stands. (MTV)

Despite not appearing as a guest, Jeezy has lashed back at O’Reilly.

“D*mn right! I ain’t never ran, nah mean?” Jeezy said. “At the end of the day, you’re dealing with cats who think that we as young black men don’t know what it is we do. We entrepreneurs, we came from nothing. If you gotta mispronounce my name to try to be funny and you got a Harvard or whatever education you got, then you’re really showing how ignorant you are.” (

Tension initially rose after O’Reilly targeted Jeezy and Jay-Z‘s pre-inauguration rant against George W. Bush.

“I don’t know much about Young Jeezy, it is possible he will appear on “The Factor” soon…I guess they didn’t get the memo about bringing the country together. I don’t think Barack Obama would approve of [the performance]. I think it was low class.” (Fox)

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