Young Jeezy On Shawty Redd’s Murder Charge, “That’s My Little Brother, So It Kinda Hit Close To Home”

Young Jeezy On Shawty Redd’s Murder Charge, “That’s My Little Brother, So It Kinda Hit Close To Home”

Southern rapper Young Jeezy has shared his reaction to the recent arrest of his long-time producer Shawty Redd.

According to Jeezy, Redd’s absence has already had an impact on his life.

“Like I said, that’s my little brother, so it kinda hit close to home [when he was arrested],” Jeezy explained in an interview. “I definitely would have wanted homie for this [Trap or Die 2 mixtape], but it was good. We did the work we did and got in for the album. It feels a little different, but I got us. I had us before; I got him now. He’s not able to be here with us through the duration, but he’s here with us in spirit. Better believe he’s calling every day, like, ‘What’s going on? How we lookin’?’ I’m talking to him or his people. He’s good. Shawty is holding his head.” (MTV)

According to lawyer Marcia Fuller and inside sources, Redd is being wrongly accused.

A day after the hearing, Fuller said: “Demetrius was absolutely defending himself during the incident,” she said. “His career will continue. At this point we are waiting for the district attorney to make a decision as to whether or not they are going to go forward on this matter or dismiss it.” According to a source within Shawty Redd’s camp who is familiar with Tuesday’s court proceedings, two of the producers’ associates reportedly testified that Martin was “an intruder” who was shot in self-defense, although the police report refers to him as an “associate.” (VIBE)

The producer was granted a bail bond last January.

Shawty Redd, born Demetrius Lee Stewart, was formally charged with the January 1 shooting death of 35-year-old Damon Martin. The hit making producer stood before Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero today. Prosecutors pleaded with Judge Amero not to release the hit making producer, Dennis Byron, of HipHopEnquirer told, but bond was set at $200,000. Stewart has been held in a Henry County jail without a bond since the shooting. He is currently being represented by attorney Marcia Fuller. (All Hip Hop)

He is accused of shooting a 35 year-old man in early January.

Police have released the name of a man shot and killed Friday morning at the home of a popular music producer. Demetrius Lee Stewart – also known as Shawty Redd – allegedly shot Damon A. Martin, 35, of Detroit, Friday morning after an altercation at Stewart’s home in Hampton. Henry County Police responded to an 8 a.m. call Friday morning after someone reported a shooting in the 2000 block of Ballymeade Lane in Hampton. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Check out a past Shawty Redd interview down below:

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