Young Dro Reveals His Biggest Risk & Most Embarrassing Moment: “I Got Caught By The Cops Going…” [Video]

Young Dro Reveals His Biggest Risk & Most Embarrassing Moment: “I Got Caught By The Cops Going…” [Video]

Hustle Gang’s Young Dro recently shared some personal moments from his life including the biggest risk he ever took and how a former girlfriend contributed to his most embarassing experience.

According to rap star T.I.‘s protégé, a near-fatal dare to another man could have ended his rap career years ago.

Coming up in the streets, Dro used to find himself in some pretty sticky situations, none more memorable than what he considers his greatest risk in life. “I’ve seen pistols. I’ve stood in front of them,” he says, before talking about the time he challenged another man to shoot him at point-blank range. “I thought about it later, I was like [sighs], woo.” He probably won’t be trying that again any time soon. (Complex)

Dro also dished on how sneaking into his former girlfriend’s home landed him in handcuffs.

Young Dro also shares a lighter side to his life, including what he describes as his most embarrassing moment. “I was trying to get in my baby momma’s house. She had a boy in there,” Dro says. “I got caught by the cops going in the window like I was a burglar. So they charged me with prowling.” (Complex)

Recently, Dro spoke to SOHH about how much of a lyricist he really is.

“People are asking me if lyrical rap is back because Young Dro is back. I am lyrical rap, you feel me, coming out of the South. Back then, and remember I love my city, but back then we were more about booty-shake music and everybody was dancing. Everyone was listening to the 69 Boyz. It was all about dance music. That’s what we came up from. There was a lot of Miami music.” (SOHH)

YD also dished on what New York hip-hop artists influenced his bars.

“Now listen to what I’m going to tell you. The reason why I say that is because back then when people were up on that, I was up on Nas, [Ghostface Killah] Tony Starks, Raekwon, Jadakiss. Do you feel what I’m saying? I was listening to all of that stuff, Guru, everything. I can tell you that when I came up, I came up as lyrical. You feel what I’m saying?” (SOHH)

Check out Young Dro’s interview:

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