Young Dro Reacts To Young Jeezy’s Name-Change, Explains Nearly Ditching His Rap Alias

Young Dro Reacts To Young Jeezy’s Name-Change, Explains Nearly Ditching His Rap Alias

With the world still getting used to dropping the “Young” off Jeezy’s rap name, SOHH reached out to Grand Hustle’s Young Dro for a take on the name-change.

Fully behind Jeezy’s move, Dro noted the music industry has always had artists going switching up their personas.

“I was at the label when he did that,” Dro revealed to SOHH when asked for a reaction to Jeezy dropping “Young” from his rap name. “That was crazy but Jeezy’s one of the OG’s in the game so whatever he does with his name, I salute that. I promote that. Jay Z had even dropped his whole name when he came out with Young [Hov]. You never know when artists want to do different things with themselves but all we’re looking for is the support from the fans.” (SOHH)

Dro also explained why fans should not be surprised if they hear him referred to as his other rap alias, 3Krazy.

“Okay, so this is what it was. A lot of people call me ‘3’ because I’m 3 and my clique’s crazy. My clique’s always been a bunch of crazy fools. They call me ‘3’ because I’m not 1 fresh, 2 fresh but 3 fresh. So I’m not fly or too fly, I’m three fly. Everything turns three,” Dro explained. “This ain’t no me, ain’t no regular, this is Dro. It’s a three thing with me. If I see shawty right there, she’s three bad. She’s not bad and she’s not two bad, she’s three bad. I’m ‘3’ and my clique’s crazy. So that’s how you get 3 Krazy Music Group.” (SOHH)

Last month, Jeezy explained his decision to get rid of “Young” came from wanting to show growth.

“Oh, no, no, no, it’s Jeezy now,” Jeezy said when referenced as ‘Young Jeezy’ during an interview. “I’m grown now. I did enough of that. It sounds good because when I came into the game, that’s what I was and that was my state of mind. But I’m a grown man now. Jeezy. It’s all good. We got a little older now.” (RapFix)

Dro broke the news of switching up his rap alias last November via Twitter.

“PSA NO Longer am I the artist “young dro” I’m officially #3krazy you can call me three u can call me krazy anything but young dro,” he tweeted November 15.

“3krazy music group is official and I own it so any talent that wana work foreal and u serious about music join 3krazy music group”

“We gone start from the bottom to the top WORK and u don’t like it get in da box ima Rap circles around u wi da flow”

“Every thing 3krazy over here I gota model team #3krazy merch t shirts hoodies all dat build my empire in yall face”

“I’m scouting for 3krazy chics it don’t matter wat u look like pretty skinny fat fine I got shirt for ya”

“I just try to help n*ggas they They all ready know me my n*gga”

“I don’t need no n*gga for sh*t I don’t giva f*ck wat u tombout” (Young Dro’s Twitter)

Young Dro’s new High Times solo album officially drops Tuesday, October 15.

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