Young Dro Addresses Maserati & Money Problems: “F*ck Wat U Thinking”

Young Dro Addresses Maserati & Money Problems: “F*ck Wat U Thinking”

Grand Hustle rapper Young Dro is silencing bad press he received this weekend, letting the world know he is having the time of his life despite reported money woes.

Dro resorted to his Twitter page to boast about his good life Saturday (November 10) and even addressed losing his 2007 Maserati luxury whip.

“F*ck wat u thinking I’m having the time of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On God!,” Dro tweeted.

“@dropolo d*mn u lost da 2007 gzz u supposed to been paid dat off lol,” Twitter user @Ricky_Stripe tweeted to Dro.

“@Ricky_Stripe n*gga u don’t even know me have a seat 2012 jag cat now marta bus honda a** n*gga lol” (Young Dro’s Twitter)

Reports of Dro’s money and legal woes surfaced across the Internet yesterday.

“U Don’t See Me” … Young Dro said it in a rap and did it in real life … failing to respond to a lawsuit filed against him over a Maserati and now he has to pay up. As TMZ first reported, Dro was sued earlier this year in and Atlanta court after he defaulted on payments for his 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport. The leasing company behind the suit repo’d the car and claimed the rapper still owed them $61,220.37. A default judgment was entered at the end of October in the company’s favor because Dro dropped the ball and failed to respond to the suit after he was served. The rapper was ordered to cough up the full amount plus attorney’s fees. Grand total = $67,613.12. (TMZ)

Over the summer, Dro had his luxury Maserati repossessed.

Young Dro once rapped that he’s “the kinda person that gonna drive a Maserati” — but that just ain’t true anymore … because he just had his repossessed … TMZ has learned. According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Dro leased a $134,000, 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT in January 2008. The docs say Dro agreed to fork over a $7,500 down payment and then pay monthly payments of $1,606.62. But according to the lawsuit, Dro defaulted on the lease and now owes the leasing company $61,220.37. The company has repo’d the Maserati. The leasing company wants the money it is owed, plus attorneys’ fees. Mediaoutrage- SMH…nothing like living above your means! (Media Outrage)

Dro previously made headlines back in 2009 as he pieced together his delayed P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Twice) sophomore album.

“When I walked in the office, couldn’t nobody look me in the eye,” Dro said in an interview. “They was looking down. You had Jim Jonsin beats, some of the best production I ever had on there. When I saw it I was like, ‘Oh my God. OMG.’ But then I said, ‘I’m gonna patch it up.’ The album got leaked, so we going back in the studio. We gonna get [Don] Cannon beats, we gonna get DJ Toomp beats, we gonna sew the album up and act like it ain’t never bled. No leak.” (MTV)

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