Young Buck’s Raided Home Valuables To Be Auctioned By IRS

Young Buck’s Raided Home Valuables To Be Auctioned By IRS

The IRS has announced plans to auction off seized items from rapper Young Buck‘s home later this month.

According to reports, Buck’s valuables will be auctioned at the end of October.

On Oct. 28, the IRS will auction off dozens of items once owned by Nashville-area rapper Young Buck. Among the items: several gold and platinum records for his own work and collaborations with rapper 50 Cent, several pieces of fine art, multiple LCD and plasma televisions, designer watches and an assortment of faux-fur coats. For the more discriminating decorators, you can pick up pictures of Al Pacino and rapper Tupac, a “marijuana leaf picture”, three Royal Copenhagen white bear figurines and a 3-foot white and silver Santa Claus decoration. (The Tennessean)

Buck’s ex-manager Bruce Seckendorf recently addressed the rapper’s tax issues.

“I totally knew what he owed the IRS and I was keeping them at bay,” Seckendorf explained in an interview. “Buck let me go on or about March 15, 2010. Around that same day he retained [another] business manager/accountant…I sent an email [to the new person] saying David Brown owes this money to the IRS. You need to address immediately… I’m paraphrasing, but [I wrote] don’t ignore it, you need to attend to it.” (XXL Mag)

After having his possessions seized by IRS agents in September, Buck filed for bankruptcy.

David Darnell Brown, who performs under the stage name Young Buck, filed for protection under Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code earlier this month. The filing came soon after IRS personnel carried out an early-morning raid on Brown’s lakeside home in Hendersonville, seizing much of his personal property. The bankruptcy petition came to light Monday after Nashville’s U.S. District Court lifted the seal it had placed on court filings related to the August 3 seizure. The Chapter 13 process, designed to allow individuals to restructure their debts, automatically halts efforts by any creditor — even the IRS — to collect on debts owed by the person who files. Creditors can ask the bankruptcy court to lift the stay against them on certain grounds, allowing them to move against the debtor. The tax authority claims Brown owes it about $305,000 for taxes due between 2006 and 2008, including penalties, interest and collection costs. (Nashville Scene)

Following the event, Buck later recalled what exactly went down.

“I was sleep, man. It was like 6:30 am. They were probably thinking I was still living how I was back in the day, because they came with their guns out and everything. My past has already been out there, so maybe they thought I was up to no-good. If you coming just to serve some tax papers and take assets, then you wouldn’t have M-16s, 12 gauges, and glocks all out. They making it seem like it’s a drug raid…I opened the door and they rushed straight in, man. I didn’t even know what it was about. But I accept all responsibility. They put a n*gga against the wall, yelling “who’s in here!?”, and pulled my kids to the front room, all that.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent Young Buck footage down below:

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