Young Buck Unleashes His “Rage” After Jail Bid [Video]

Young Buck Unleashes His “Rage” After Jail Bid [Video]

Former G-Unit member Young Buck is not wasting any time after tasting freedom this week following a stint behind bars and has released a new animated video for his track, “Rage.”

Buck Marley’s newest post-jail music release surfaced less than 24 hours after he became a free man.

Yesterday, Nashville rapper and G-Unit member Young Buck shared the news on Twitter that he had been released from prison, where he was serving an 18-month sentence on weapons charges. Today, he shared the striking animated video for “Rage,” which channels some of his frustration about both his ongoing legal struggles and the broader American penal system over a Marvin Gaye sample. It’s a hard track with some heavy lyrical commentary, like “Been working all these years just to get by/convicted felon so it’s hard for me to get high/Border patrol been checking into big ties/Make it hard for Americans, so we turn to fire.” But it’s the video that really demands attention, showing a succession of black and white animations that up the lyrics’ grim stakes. Beautifully assembled by Timo Albert and Karmo Ruusmaa, it’s worth watching closely. (Complex)

Buck broke the news of his post-jail release via his Twitter page Tuesday (October 1).

“I’m officially a free man!!!,” Buck tweeted October 1.

“Fresh out !!! #turnup”

“@ youngbuck @cashvillercords. I’m Back! For all booking and features contact @shawndoeakagi… ” (Young Buck’s Twitter)

According to recent reports, Buck Marley was expected to get his first taste of freedom yesterday.

Yo its been way too long since we have heard some new material from the Cashville, Tennessee native wordsmith, Young Buck. But that is about to change, as word came down today that Young Buck is about to be a free man once again. Word on the E-streets, and coming out of Buck’s camp is that the former G-Unit lyricist will be released from prison on October 1st, 2013; which is right around the corner. This is definitely good news for the fans of Buck that have been patiently waiting some new material, and great news for the wordsmith himself. Mark your calendars and prepare to welcome Young Buck home on October 1st! (Stupid Dope)

Last year, Buck claimed he was thrown into solitary confinement for 60 days.

“Dear Fans, I was in the hole 4 the last 2 months, so it’s been slow on the mail, so Im back to writing y’all this week! I appreciate y’all!,” Buck tweeted November 24th. (Young Buck’s Twitter)

Over the fall, reports surfaced and claimed Buck wanted his 18-month sentence nixed.

Nashville rapper Young Buck wants a federal court to toss out his prison sentence. The rapper, whose real name is David Brown, is currently in a Mississippi prison after pleading guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm. However, he claims the 18-month prison term handed to him is a “complete miscarriage of justice.” Brown claims he couldn’t have been a felon in possession of a firearm, since a previous felony conviction was expunged from his record. Brown was also involved in a bankruptcy case that led to the IRS auction of thousands of dollars’ worth of his belongings earlier this year. (News Channel 5)

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Check out Young Buck’s “Rage” video:

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