Young Buck Talks Life After G-Unit In New Song, “F*ck It, I’m Broke” [Audio]

Young Buck Talks Life After G-Unit In New Song, “F*ck It, I’m Broke” [Audio]

Former G-Unit member Young Buck has returned with a new song “Did You Miss Me” updating fans on his long absence from hip-hop while giving 50 Cent a chance to clear up their problems.

The “Cashville” rapper’s track also reveals Buck’s feelings on making money from today’s rap music.

“All these rappers wanna talk about how much money they got, how much work then done flipped, I don’t see none of you n*ggas out here, I’m out here for real,” Buck says in the intro. “Since everybody rich now, f*ck it I’m broke…Freeway Ricky Ross be home end of March/We gotta all together, ain’t nothin’ fell apart/I’d be lying sittin’ here actin’ like the sh*t ain’t hard…These n*ggas ain’t that much better, will me and 50 work the sh*t out, nah, I ain’t sayin’ never…It’s been like two years since I had an album out, n*gga, my shows stay sold-out…The streets love me…I ain’t really had contact or seen money from this rap sh*t in about a year or so…I ain’t have no motherf*cking choice but to get out here in these streets and get mine.” (You Tube)

Buck’s dismissal from G-Unit was made public when 50 announced the decision last April on Hot 97’s now-defunct “Miss Jones in the Morning” program.

“You can look at it and see that’s Game all the way,” Fif said in the interview. “I was giving him a chance, giving him the benefit of the doubt. You can take this as an official notice right here, pretty much you can say, Young Buck is no longer in the group G-Unit, but signed to G-Unit [Records] as a solo artist.” (The Miss Jones Morning Show)

Things were further complicated after 50 replied to a negative reference Buck made about the rapper at a concert with the release of a taped conversation they had.

Buck seemingly sobbed on the phone to 50, apologizing for any uncalled-for comments or actions he may have committed and basically pleaded to be back in the family. 50 coddled him as Buck went on about serious financial difficulties with the IRS. 50 told him everything was going to be all right, he just had to “stay close.” (MTV News)

The rapper was previously affiliated with G-Unit since around 2003.

Buck ran into Juvenile who was ready to split with Cash Money at the time and hit the road with the rapper. When the tour hit New York City Buck met 50 Cent and was soon asked to join his G-Unit crew. He did, with Juvenile’s blessing, and co-wrote and appeared on the 50 Cent track “Bloodhound.” G-Unit’s full-length debut, Beg for Mercy, brought Buck to everyone’s attention in 2003. It had gone double platinum by the time Buck’s first G-Unit associated record, Straight Outta Cashville, appeared on Interscope in 2004. Three years later he returned with the hard hitting Buck the World. (All Music)

Listen to Young Buck’s new song below:

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