Young Buck Takes 50 Cent Feud To Court

Young Buck Takes 50 Cent Feud To Court

Former G-Unit member Young Buck is reportedly seeking legal help to assist in his contractual dispute with 50 Cent, who reportedly still maintains ownnership of the rapper’s G-Unit Records deal.

Details on the lawsuit hit the Internet Tuesday (August 31) afternoon.

Young Buck is planning to take on rival and G-Unit leader 50 Cent for an amount that could be as much as $5 million dollars. According to the Nashville City Paper, Young Buck will sue 50 Cent for his freedom from his G-Unit recording contract, which has prevented him from releasing material, or recording guest appearance tracks with other artists. The Nashville rapper will file a lawsuit against 50 Cent, G-Unit and Sha Money XL. (All Hip Hop)

An attorney for Buck has also confirmed legal action would be placed against 50.

“He will be filing a lawsuit in the next 30-60 days against his former manager, G-Unit label and Mr. Curtis Jackson,” Lynda Jones, Young Buck’s bankruptcy attorney, told the Nashville City Paper. Young Buck’s beef with 50 Cent (who holds a contingent claim of $5 million in Young Buck’s bankruptcy) dates back to his time as a member of G-Unit, the crew of rappers that 50 Cent signed to his record label and called on to back him up in his songs. (Wall Street Journal)

Last weekend, reports suggested Buck was released from his contract.

A 100% reliable source just told us that 50 Cent has let Young Buck out of his contract with G-Unit. In April 2008 50 Cent announced on Hot 97 that Young Buck was kicked out the group, but was still contractually signed to G-Unit. Since that time, Buck has been unable to release any commercial music. Buck is currently working his new single “My Campaign”, produced by Drumma Boy. It will be interesting what he does with his new position. If he can get singles reacting on the radio, he get into a good position. But considering the amount of time that he’s been off the radar, it will be an uphill climb for Young Buck. (57th Ave)

Buck recently said he believed 50 is solely focused on forcing him to financially crumble.

“Listen, in those three years since I’ve been away from G-Unit, have you once heard 50 Cent say ‘I want this much for Buck to get out of his contract or anything like that?’ No! So that right there should be enough to understand the kind of situation that I’m in,” Buck pointed out in an interview. “All I need is the support of the people right now. 50’s been on a mission to starve me out…I’m still stuck contractually. I haven’t spoken to anyone from G-Unit in three years including 50 and I still have albums left over there.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent Young Buck footage below:

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