Young Buck Speaks & Freestyles From Prison Phone: “Shawty Still Want To Ride W/ Me” [Audio]

Young Buck Speaks & Freestyles From Prison Phone: “Shawty Still Want To Ride W/ Me” [Audio]

Incarcerated rapper Young Buck is not letting the penal system bring him down, recently updating fans on his living conditions since entering an 18-month bid earlier this summer.

Rather than look down on his current situation, Buck kept his head up and took an upbeat approach.

“Man, sh*t man, let eveybody know that I’m good. I’m 100. I’m well taken care of. I’m straight, under the circumstances I’m in. This is prison, you know what I’m saying? At the end of the day, I’m making the best out of prison. I don’t even like to call it prison. I call it Chain Gang College now. I’m handling it, I’m handling lt like a real man gotta handle it. There ain’t no other way once you’re back here. Either you do the time or let the time do you. I choose to do my time, you know what I’m saying? I stay out the way, I got a couple good brothers I do roll with, they my partners. Other than that, sh*t, I’m doing time. You feel me?” (Back On My Buck Sh*t)

He also provided a freestyle for fans still aching to hear something new from him.

“Sh*t’s real when your bills due,” Buck rapped from the prison phone. “And even though they ain’t yours, you still take care of them kids too/Shawty still want to ride with me/I told her think about that ’cause there’s a 100 bricks inside with me…” (Back On My Buck Sh*t)

The rapper is reportedly serving out his time in a Mississippi prison.

From behind the prison gates, Young Buck got on the phone with his friend Charlie P for a quick check-in and freestyle. Buck seems like he’s in good spirits and sounds sharp on this short rhyme he let loose. Currently, he’s serving 18-months for weapons possession in Yazoo City Medium Security Federal Prison in Southern Mississippi. (Miss Info TV)

Earlier this week, Buck’s former G-Unit comrade Tony Yayo shouted him out.

“Free G Money,” Yayo tweeted September 17th afternoon.

“Free Young Buck” (Tony Yayo’s Twitter)

Check out Young Buck’s interview below:

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