Young Buck Sends Message To 50 Cent, “We Really Gonna See What This Was Really About”

Young Buck Sends Message To 50 Cent, “We Really Gonna See What This Was Really About”

Former G-Unit member Young Buck has said his contractual battle against 50 Cent is still on-going and promised the situation would be addressed soon.

In a recent interview, Buck said the conflict would eventually come to an end.

“It’s on the way,” Buck said about his next official album when we caught up with him recently in Houston. “The music speaks for itself. I’m everywhere when it comes to online — I throw music out. People are already aware of my situation … the whole fight with the contract thing. It’s about to get real, real interesting, people. I will say that much…If you ain’t focused on Buck, now is the time to get focused on Buck,” he continued. “With this whole contract situation, we really gonna see what this was really about. Y’all mark my words: I’ll be back to MTV to finish this when it all ends. At the end of the day, I appreciate the people that’s sticking right there through the fight I’m going through as far as my contract situation.” (MTV)

Buck has accused 50 of wanting to destroy his career in a recent interview.

“His reaction, being so harsh, is to basically stall me out to a position where I lose everything, to where my numbers drop,” Young Buck told the Nashville Scene in a new interview. “Because if you don’t have a new product out, then you can’t go get the big dollar for your shows. [He wants] to pretty much destroy my life from a silent-sided way of doing things. That’s his angle, and my contracts allow him to be able to do that. The problem is, I go to be a feature on [an artists’] hit record, and then they have to go to 50 Cent to clear me on the record, and he says, ‘No.’ And they’re looking like, ‘Well, d*mn’ — cause if it wasn’t for that I would probably be on every record that’s out right now, cause everybody and their mama reaches out and gives me support.” (All Hip Hop)

Last June, Buck said he would not be interested in a G-Unit reunion.

“I just want to get this out real quick and make sure to let all my people out there know one thing, as far as the G-Unit reunion sh*t on me, I ain’t with that sh*t,” Buck told a crowd of concert fans. “We got too much unfinished business to happen, 50. I’m not with none of that sh*t — I just want to make sure we get that clear. I’m not with it my n*gga, you took a real n*gga through too much my n*gga. If you want war, we gonna go to war [and] we gonna do this sh*t in a real street way until one of us dies my n*gga. I’ll play that game with you. It’s only right, somebody’s gotta do this in a real way…Even if I lose my life in being a real n*gga, one thing y’all motherf*ckers know is that [I] was a real n*gga…When a n*gga playing with a n*gga’s life then you treat a n*gga with no emotions. You take a n*gga’s life. So either meet me in h*ll or heaven, f*ck you, f*ck G-Unit.” (EME T.V.)

In March, Buck promised he would never return to the Unit.

“I get my money with or without the G-Unit,” Buck said in a video. “It will never be me amongst that again. We can just negotiate about me going about my business and him getting his percentage with the albums, but as far as me — nah, I’m gonna ride my own…I just look at [my time over there] as a hard learning experience, I’m using it as a stepping stone at this point and I’m moving forward. I’m not even dedicating energy towards that sh*t. I’m so focused on Cashville Records and getting to a better place — he’s playing the game doing what he’s doing, and I’m doing what I’m doing.” (This Is Truth TV)

Young Buck is reportedly under contractual obligations with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records.

Check out Young Buck speaking on G-Unit below:

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