Young Buck Says He’s “Back On” W/ Comeback Plan, “You Can’t Hold A Real N***a Down” [Video]

Young Buck Says He’s “Back On” W/ Comeback Plan, “You Can’t Hold A Real N***a Down” [Video]

Former G-Unit member Young Buck recently gave fans an update on his delayed Back On My Bullsh*t mixtape and his aim to resist calling out rapper’s names.

Along with speaking on his mixtape, Buck also explained the online attention he’s generated in recent months.

“What’s taking so long with the Back On My Bucksh*t mixtape,” Buck asked in a video. “This what’s going on right now, I’m riding right now. This is me, this is my life…I’m letting you see what’s going on, I’m good. I go through sh*t just like you go through sh*t, just like everybody go through sh*t but I’m good man, ya understand? It got a n*gga more focused, I will say that much. But I will say you can’t hold a real n*gga down for too long. Streets been waiting, Back On My Bucksh*t. And I’m giving you b*tch a** rappers h*ll. I see you h*e a** n*ggas but I ain’t gonna give you no attention, I’ma give you h*ll…I just wanna let n*ggas know and keep n*ggas focused right now. ‘Cause I see this right now, they hitting this sh*t all over the Internet. A hundred thousand hits, ‘When is the Back On My Bucksh*t coming’ and all that. Well, it’s on the way n*gga. The mission is completed ’cause y’all see DJ Scream and DJ Smallz right here with a n*gga. The wait is over and it’s about to get even realer than this.” (Southern Smoke TV)

Buck announced his upcoming mixtape early last month.

“Streets wanna know what’s going on with Buck and where I been at and all that good sh*t,” Buck said in a video. “The streets been waiting long enough, so get ready man. Mixtape is on the way. DJ Scream. DJ Smallz. Young Buck. I’m back on my Buck sh*t. Straight up and if you a fan of Buck you already know what it is. If you not a fan of Buck, then just pay attention ’cause at this point, I feel like I’m more focused than I’ve ever been in my career…I’m good people, I’m doing what you should be doing and that’s surviving…Coming to a ‘hood near you. Back On My Buck Sh*t.” (DJ Scream)

He recently made headlines discussing financial hardships in rap music earlier this year on “Did You Miss Me.”

“All these rappers wanna talk about how much money they got, how much work then done flipped, I don’t see none of you n*ggas out here, I’m out here for real,” Buck says in the intro. “Since everybody rich now, f*ck it I’m broke…Freeway Ricky Ross be home end of March/We gotta all together, ain’t nothin’ fell apart/I’d be lying sittin’ here actin’ like the sh*t ain’t hard.” (“Did You Miss Me”)

The Cashville rapper also addressed 50 Cent‘s claims that he was making $10 million while associated with G-Unit.

“In my situation, it’s more humiliating to me I think in 50 eyes to hold me as long as he can before I’m actually able to fulfill the albums I have left [on my contract],” Buck said in an interview. “So, eventually I’ll be able to come around and do another album… I think [50] knows that if he was to [release me] everybody and they mama waiting on the kid…It’s simple, I can let you know what I’ve made. I’ll just put out my tax statements since I signed with G-Unit… I haven’t received ten million dollars, or jacked off 10 million dollars. I’ve never paid a million dollars in taxes.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out Buck’s interview below:


As of today (May 25), a release date for Back on my Bucksh*t has not yet been announced.

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