Young Buck Respects Game’s G-Unit Reunion Pleas [Video]

Young Buck Respects Game’s G-Unit Reunion Pleas [Video]

Cashville Records rapper Young Buck has offered his thoughts on Game‘s hopes for a  full G-Unit reconciliation, as the Compton lyricist still wishes to create music with his former group.

In addition to Game, Buck said he would consider reuniting if G-Unit leader 50 Cent extended a genuine peace offering.

“It is what it is man,” Buck told radio host Tim Westwood. “I will wait and hear a response from 50 [Cent] at this point and see where he goes at. I’m at a point in my career, honestly man, I don’t even look at my situation dealing with them as a beef. It’s not a beef. It’s a situation, man. [Me going back?] To be continued — I know the picture you was left with before you done seen Buck again. It was one big family. It was a movement and it was a beautiful movement and I think the fans enjoyed that and I think they want that still. I wouldn’t definitely just turn down the situation at this point but it would have to be done in a genuine way as far as the whole movement of what it should be. It would just have to be done in a genuine way — I done [reconciled] with Game because in reality I don’t feel like the situation of when there was a situation dealing with the G-Unit and Game it was a situation where I would consider beef…When you consider beef, that’s a whole different world. A lot of these are just considered misunderstandings but they’re able to make it to the beef categories and carried out like that.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

After Game said he wanted to rejoin G-Unit earlier this month, Lloyd Banks responded and questioned the ex-member’s true motivation.

“I always catch wind of what’s going on and somebody brought my attention to it, I saw it onTwitter but I don’t really got too much negative to say about the situation because I’ve dedicated so much time to myself, to get somebody else attention due to negativity but what I can say is we did that dance already,” Banks said in an interview with radio host Suava. “We did that dance where we formed the group G-Unit to establish ourselves as solo artists and I think it’s time for us to pay 50 [Cent] back. It’s reverse now. I’m out here trying to better myself as an individual so that when we do form the monster known as the group G-Unit, it’ll be that much easier on us. So, if anything, that situation would be going backwards. It’s too late to cry over spilled milk. I would be interested to see if those same attempts to reach out to 50 Cent would be happening if he had a number one record on the radio.” (Hot 105.5)

Tony Yayo also weighed in on Game and turned down the reunion offer.

“F*ck a G Unit Reunion N*gga. . .,” Yayo tweeted Thursday (November 18).

“@thegame u the puppet Henchmen had his hand up your a** for years. And now that u don’t have hits out how u gon feed them Blood n*ggas.”

“This my last thing Ima say cuz real Gangsters don’t beef on twitter I know u soft your last show ni*ggas threw beer on u n ur kids “P*ssy” (Tony Yayo’s Twitter)

Game responded and did not resist in singling Yayo out as an enemy.

“1st of all @tonyyayo when I was talkin bout a G-Unit reunion I wasn’t talkin to you “YOU F*CKIN PUPPET” I was talkin to CURTIS MAN 2 MAN !,” Game tweeted back.

“@tonyyayo but keep “TRYNA STUNT” & I will RE-BRAKE every bone in yo CAREER like I did da 1st time N*GGA !” (Game’s Twitter)

Game was kicked out of G-Unit in March 2005 due to differences with 50 Cent while Young Buck’s exit came in early 2008.

Check out Young Buck’s interview below:

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