Young Buck Joins Rick Ross’ Team, “I’m Working On A Mixtape On Behalf Of Maybach Music” [Video]

Young Buck Joins Rick Ross’ Team, “I’m Working On A Mixtape On Behalf Of Maybach Music” [Video]

Former G-Unit member Young Buck has joined forces with 50 Cent‘s nemesis Rick Ross by announcing plans to drop a new project through the “Boss'” Maybach Music Group.

Although Buck did not provide many details, he did reveal an upcoming mixtape would be released through MMG.

“Without the fans, I couldn’t be here. The fans, they appreciate when they can touch you,” Buck said in an interview. “These rappers live behind this old picture. They put this brick wall in front of them. It’s a million security guards before a fan can even shake your hand. I’m the type of individual who likes to give that love and make sure the fans really feel that love. The Rehab mixtape was basically a mixtape I put out there and it ended up getting distributed. As far as my music goes, I’ve put out Back On My Buck Sh*t Volume 1, Volume 2 which was produced by Drumma Boy and I’m working on a mixtape right now on behalf of Maybach Music, so salute to them.” (Hip Hop Official)

In late November, Buck Marley said he had a new recording deal on the table.

“Hold up deejay, hold up for a minute,” Buck said during a concert. “Make some noise in this motherf*cker real quick. Eh looky here, bruh, I would tell y’all who I just signed with, right, but I don’t want to spoil the moment. I don’t want to spoil the moment. I just want y’all to be like, ‘Ohhh sh*ttt. Ohhhh shhh*t.'” (This Is Young Buck)

Speculation quickly emerged suggesting Buck may have inked a deal with Birdman’s Cash Money Records.

The Nashville rapper has been a free artist for a while now following a bitter spilt with G-Unit which saw the 30-year-old rapper attack leader 50 Cent on a series of tracks to which the ‘Ayo Technology’ star later responded with a track that included Buck weeping and apologising for numerous things, such as denouncing Buck as a fake recording artist. The rapper has not yet publically commented on his new deal but has been re-tweeting and commenting on Birdman’s tweets. (Tale Tela)

Last year, online reports claimed Buck was freed from his G-Unit Records contract.

A 100% reliable source just told us that 50 Cent has let Young Buck out of his contract with G-Unit. In April 2008 50 Cent announced on Hot 97 that Young Buck was kicked out the group, but was still contractually signed to G-Unit. Since that time, Buck has been unable to release any commercial music. Buck is currently working his new single “My Campaign”, produced by Drumma Boy. It will be interesting what he does with his new position. If he can get singles reacting on the radio, he get into a good position. But considering the amount of time that he’s been off the radar, it will be an uphill climb for Young Buck. (57th Ave)

Check out Young Buck’s interview below:

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