Young Buck Gets Merry, “Holiday Feature Price For The Holidays! If You’re Ready Now & Your Money Right, Hit Me Up ASAP!”

Young Buck Gets Merry, “Holiday Feature Price For The Holidays! If You’re Ready Now & Your Money Right, Hit Me Up ASAP!”

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is getting into the holiday spirit by offering a special Christmas discount for anyone interested in guest features.

Although he did not name a specific price, Buck told his 75,000 Twitter followers he has a holiday discount in effect.

“Holiday Feature Price for the #Holidays! If u ready now and your Money Right,hit me up #ASAP at [email protected] #SALUTE#TwitterTrappin,” he tweeted December 21st.

“#Rich or #Broke humble I #Remain see,might #Change some things,but #Money will never #Change me.” (Young Buck’s Twitter)

This week, Buck has made headlines for his financial woes becoming publicized.

A bankruptcy judge’s decision to switch Nashville rapper Young Buck’s case from a reorganization to a liquidation is frustrating the multi-platinum rapper’s attempts to sign with Cash Money Records and end a contract dispute that has stifled his career since 2008. Judge George C. Paine II signed an order converting the case from Chapter 11 reorganization to Chapter 7 liquidation Wednesday, and Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, stands to lose more than his shirt. The trustee administering his estate has said she plans to sell the trademarked “Young Buck” moniker itself along with other assets. (The Tennessean)

The Memphis-bred rapper also confirmed reports of a Cash Money deal being on the table.

In an interview Wednesday night, an exasperated Buck said the conversion is counterproductive because he is close to signing a recording deal with Cash Money Records that would allow him to pay all his debts and exit bankruptcy orderly. The proposed multi-party deal, independently confirmed by The Tennessean, would have settled Buck’s contract dispute with former mentor 50 Cent and his G-Unit Records and shipped him to New Orleans-based Cash Money. Buck is still under contract with G-Unit but has been prevented from recording since 2008 because of a personal falling out with 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson. (The Tennessean)

Earlier this month, the Southern rapper revealed he has an upcoming mixtape dropping through Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group.

“Without the fans, I couldn’t be here. The fans, they appreciate when they can touch you,” Buck said in an interview. “These rappers live behind this old picture. They put this brick wall in front of them. It’s a million security guards before a fan can even shake your hand. I’m the type of individual who likes to give that love and make sure the fans really feel that love. The Rehab mixtape was basically a mixtape I put out there and it ended up getting distributed. As far as my music goes, I’ve put out Back On My Buck Sh*t Volume 1, Volume 2 which was produced by Drumma Boy and I’m working on a mixtape right now on behalf of Maybach Music, so salute to them.” (Hip Hop Official)

Check out a recent Young Buck interview below:

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