Young Buck Explodes Over Snitch Accusations, “I Got More Than 2 Months Weak A** N*gga!!”

Young Buck Explodes Over Snitch Accusations, “I Got More Than 2 Months Weak A** N*gga!!”

Former G-Unit member Young Buck has stepped forward to address medial outlets reporting on his pending jail sentence and taken direct aim at hip-hop personality Star of “Star & Buc Wild” for labeling him a snitch.

Hopping on Twitter, Buck Marley defended his image and also revealed he is staring down more than 60 days behind bars.

“Lol!! Y’all some funny n*ggas. Wish I did get 2months. And Nigga I ain’t never been a SNITCH!!! @STARANDBUCWILD,” he tweeted May 21st.

“Look U B*tch N*gga… I’m far from a#Snitch. And I got more than 2months weak a** n*gga!! And I ain’t hard to find…@STARANDBUCWILD”

“F*ck n*ggaz u play with them Rappers!! I’m a Street n*gga First!! Ain’t never Snitched on NOBODY in my life!! @STARANDBUCWILD”

“B*tch N*ggaz don’t ever associate me with no #Snitch Sh*t!! If u had a ?n*gga u could of asked me instead of twitter SUCKA!!@STARANDBUCWILD”

“And B*tch N*ggaz my case is Public Info!! Meaning anybody can see my Paper Work!! What y’all thank y’all ain’t gone see me??@STARANDBUCWILD”

“U know what B*tch N*ggaz… I’m bout to #WorldPremier a Record for F*ck N*ggaz like y’all this Evening!! Stay Tuned…@STARANDBUCWILD”

“The Beast has Awoken B*tches!! F*ck all y’all that Pray on my Downfall!!” (Young Buck’s Twitter)

Unfazed by Buck’s rant, Star went off with his own tirade of disses.

“@youngbuck Make sure you put my name in that track N*gga so I can play it every day – you know who the f*ck I am!!! #thehater,” he tweeted.

“Im going to take a nap now. Stay on top of that fugazi N*gga @youngbuck and tell his fans I said eat a D*CK!!!! #thehater” (Star’s Twitter)

This all comes days after Buck announced having to serve time behind bars.

“I got to go to the penitentiary for two months,” Buck revealed in a video. “F*ck with me for real, hold me down — and when I get out of the penitentiary, all you rap n*ggas better get the f*ck out the way. I ain’t even gonna say no names, but it’s a good thing I’m about to go to the penitentiary.” (“Back On My Buck Sh*t”)

To make matters worse, the former G-Unit rapper also got evicted from his Tennessee home last week.

Young Buck is in SERIOUS trouble — the rapper has been evicted from his Tennessee mansion … AND the I.R.S is still on his ass for more than $300k in unpaid taxes. TMZ has learned … the former G-Unit rapper was ordered to vacate his 5,000 square foot home by May 16th. The details surrounding the eviction are unclear — however, court docs show the judge in Buck’s bankruptcy case signed off on the sale of the house … and ordered that the proceeds go towards paying off his massive $333,975.69 debt to Uncle Sam. Sources tell us … the rapper — who bought the house in 2004 — was spotted earlier this week carrying boxes and removing all of his stuff from the residence. (TMZ)

Check out a recent Young Buck interview below:

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