Young Buck Down To Join Rick Ross Or Birdman, “MMG Has A Real Push”

Young Buck Down To Join Rick Ross Or Birdman, “MMG Has A Real Push”

Former G-Unit member Young Buck has revealed what plans he has leading up to a three-year jail term and why signing with either Rick Ross or Birdman’s record labels would be a win-win situation.

Although he has yet to make an official post-Unit label move, Buck Marley said both hip-hop stars are top contenders in today’s rap game.

Buck is spending time with his family and working on music in the limited days leading up to his incarceration. A free agent, no longer signed to G-Unit, Buck is just looking forward to starting anew and finding a new home. Months back, rumors sparked of him signing with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group or his former label home, Cash Money. Truth is…Buck told XXL that either imprint would be a good look. “MMG has a real push for what they got going,” he said. “I came up with Cash Money, so just to see what they’re doing… But the height of Buck is coming out this penitentiary.” (XXL Mag)

In December, he hinted at a business venture with Ricky Rozay’s Maybach Music Group team.

“Without the fans, I couldn’t be here. The fans, they appreciate when they can touch you,” Buck said in an interview. “These rappers live behind this old picture. They put this brick wall in front of them. It’s a million security guards before a fan can even shake your hand. I’m the type of individual who likes to give that love and make sure the fans really feel that love. The Rehab mixtape was basically a mixtape I put out there and it ended up getting distributed. As far as my music goes, I’ve put out Back On My Buck Sh*t Volume 1, Volume 2 which was produced by Drumma Boy and I’m working on a mixtape right now on behalf of Maybach Music, so salute to them.” (Hip Hop Official)

Last weekend, the Nashville, Tennessee rapper reflected on getting hit with jail time.

“I’ve always felt the things you go through in life, it make you exactly who you are,” Buck said in an interview. “I’ve had some rough times, I’ve been fighting the bankruptcy situation as well as the court situations but, um, I will say far as David, my pride is through the roof. My head is held high and I’m just looking to get all this behind me. I can sit here all day and go about how I feel I was wrongfully mistreated in certain different areas, but the fact of the matter remains — certain things I’ve been held accountable for, I’ve just got to handle it. I appreciate all the support — I think that, um, for the most part, I’ve never really had a real lengthy criminal history. So I think with the judge not really considering my criminal history, to subtract the time, I’m just thankful for what time I do have being that I don’t want to do no time but it could have been a lot worser that what it actually is. At this point, man, I’m just trying to move forward, put everything behind me, thank-you to everybody out there that’s supporting Young Buck and I appreciate the love.” (Back On My Bucksh*t)

The Cashville rapper received his three-year jail term on Friday (July 13).

Multi-platinum rapper Young Buck was sentenced Friday to three years in prison after he was convicted on weapons charges. Young Buck, a Nashville native whose real name is David Darnell Brown, was arrested for possessing weapons despite being a convicted felon following a stabbing several years prior. The judge sentenced the rapper to serve his two counts concurrently, so he will spend a total of 18 months in jail. “With the judge not considering my history to subtract some time, I’m just thankful for what time I do have,” Young Buck said. (MSNBC)

Prior to joining G-Unit in the early 2000’s, Young Buck had a recording contract with ex-Cash Money rapper Juvenile’s UTP crew.

Check out Young Buck speaking on his jail bid below:

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