Young Buck Addresses Tennessee Flood, “You Have No Idea What We Lost Today” [Audio]

Young Buck Addresses Tennessee Flood, “You Have No Idea What We Lost Today” [Audio]

Southern rapper Young Buck has released a new song called “Under Water” addressing the recent Tennessee flood.

On the song, Buck details some of the damage which has taken place since early May.

“First it rained and then it pours,” Buck raps, “then it rained a little more/I look out the window, it’s coming through the door/It covered my Benzo, it’s f*cking up the floors, and everybody get it/The rich and the poor/New Orleans, it happened to them, they can tell you how it feels when you don’t know how to swim/When your family members missing like ‘What happened to him?’/Dead bodies drifting like ‘D*mn I see him’/You have no idea what we lost today/I know a 100 brick n*ggas had them washed away — you survived in it, think about who died in it…” (“Under Water”)

The flood began around the beginning of the month.

Many area waterways remained well past flood level on Wednesday. The Cumberland River, which cuts through Nashville, stood at just over 48 feet on Wednesday (May 5) evening — about 13 feet above flood stage — said Jim Moser, a forecaster with the National Weather Service. On Wednesday afternoon, more more than 100 Nashville firefighters and police officers were going door-to-door on foot in flood-ravaged neighborhoods, checking on residents and providing assistance. Search and rescue teams visited more than 700 homes Wednesday and will visit more Thursday. (CNN)

The state reportedly suffered over $1 billion in damages.

A week after storms sent rivers and creeks sloshing into homes, hotels and honky-tonk bars, Nashville officials estimated the damage at $1.4 billion and received a promise of federal aid on Monday. “We will continue to return to make sure you have all the assistance you need,” said Shaun Donovan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, following a tour of flood-stricken areas in the sprawling city of 626,000 that is the capital of the country music industry. (Reuters)

Some large corporations have stepped forward to help in the relief efforts.

The Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services have recently announced a donation of $50,000 to Hands On Nashville in support of its disaster relief efforts and other community outreach activities. On top of the donations Ford is also offering customers affected by the floods the option to delay some car and truck payments. (Examiner)

Check out Young Buck’s “Under Water” song below:

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