“You Will Never See Me Rapping Or Trying To Put Out A Hip-Hop Album”

“You Will Never See Me Rapping Or Trying To Put Out A Hip-Hop Album”

With Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA adding another acting credit to his resume with his A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas cameo, SOHH reached out to actress Paula Garces for her reaction to the rapper-turned-actor’s performance.

Proud of her hip-hop roots, Garces said she always co-signs artists who take on the challenge of acting.

“I am a hip-hop fan. I grew up in New York, East Harlem. So how can I not be a hip-hop fan? [laughs],” Garces told SOHH. “I’m just very proud. I’m very proud of hip-hop artists as a whole. Anybody who really is on their grind and try to explore other things, not only their musical talents but being a singer first and then trying to cross over to acting. I never hate on that. I always love the fact that people try to explore other avenues and I give them much props becaues there’s no way I could ever be a hip-hop artist. [laughs] You will never see me rapping or trying to put out a hip-hop album. So again, much props to RZA because I think he did a great job.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, Harold & Kumar star John Cho talked about RZA’s acting prowess.

“I’m a fan, yeah. And, by the way, I have some advice for you: If you ever get the chance to, spend a night with RZA. It will change your outlook on life. He’s a very interesting and deep thinker, and that’s one of my best memories from set– just sitting with RZA and listening to him talk. We just talked about random stuff, likeChristmas and his childhood. He’s one of the most thoughtful guys I’ve ever met. A very complex, poetic individual.” (Complex)

Film producer Eli Roth recently shed light on RZA’s upcoming Man With The Iron Fists kung-fu flick.

“It’s really fun. I wrote it with RZA from Wu-Tang. It’s going to be insane. We wrote it together and RZA directed it; he stars in it with Russell Crowe. And one of the producers, the guy I didLast Exorcism with, we’re editing it right now. So it’s really fun,” he explains. “RZA did an amazing job, it’s like he’s had this movie in his head since he was a kid and it all came out. It’s totally insane and I think action fans, Wu fans, and fans in general are going to love it,” he adds. (RumorFix)

The Wu member landed a role on Showtime hit television series, “Californication,” a few months ago.

The Showtime comedy has tapped Grammy winning hip-hop pioneer, Wu-Tang Clan leader and occasional actor Robert Fitzgerald Diggs (a.k.a. The RZA) to join the cast in a major recurring role. Diggs — whose acting resume includes roles in Ghost Dog, Due Date and Repo Man — will play a slightly dangerous hip-hop mogul who Hank (David Duchovny) considers writing a movie for. The tentative name of Diggs’ character is Apocalypse. (TV Line)

Check out A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas trailer below:

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