“You, Me & Jay-Z Should Be Able To Go To Cuba If We Want To” [Video]

“You, Me & Jay-Z Should Be Able To Go To Cuba If We Want To” [Video]

Rage Against the Machine rocker Tom Morello has spoken out in defense of Jay-Z and Beyoncé after they were criticized for heading out to Havana, Cuba for their five-year anniversary a few days ago.

Despite their high stature appeal, Morello said Jigga and Bey should not have to endure the wrath of angry Cuban activists.

Tom Morello from “Rage Against the Machine” says everyone needs to stop bitching about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Cuba trip. Tom was out in L.A. Friday, when our photog ask the rocker — who’s a pretty well known political activist and founder of the non-profit “Axis of Justice” — about the controversial trip to the country famous for cigars and human rights violations. Unlike lots of others …Tom had their back. “I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a great place to visit. I don’t know what their experience was but I’ve been there a few times. Audioslave played there. It was very interesting and very different from the portrayal of it by a lot of the mainstream US media. You, me and Jay-Z should be able to go to Cuba if we want to. [laughs]” (TMZ)

Cuban activist Maurico Claver-Carone publicly spoke out against the mega couple heading into the weekend.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, the D.C. director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC — a group committed to fighting for democracy in Cuba — tells TMZ the A-listers should’ve educated themselves about what’s really going on there before taking photo ops. Jay and Bey were photographed Thursday in Havana — reportedly to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary — but have since come under fire from some Cuban-American groups. (TMZ)

Photos of Young Hov and Bey enjoying their anniversary bubbled across the Internet heading into the weekend.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé enjoyed a Communist State of Mind on Thursday, celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba. The “Empire State of Mind” Brooklyn rapper and his “Crazy in Love” crooner wife were mobbed by starstruck fans as they toured Old Havana wearing dark sunglasses and vacation gear. Beyoncé also wore an eye-catching braided beehive hairdo. (New York Daily News)

They also reportedly dined on some of the local food and took photos with the residents.

The couple dined with the mothers and another man Wednesday evening at the La Guarida restaurant, according to People.com. One of the restaurant’s waitresses, Silvia Fernandez, told the publication that said Beyonce looked “beautiful without a drop of make up on.” On Thursday they toured colonial Old Havana surrounded by body guards. Wearing dark glasses Beyonce posed with several school children before the couple went into a restaurant whose rooftop terrace boasts a sweeping view of the harbor. (CBS Local)

Check out Tom Morello’s interview:

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