YOLO Polos Maker Responds To Drake’s Accusations: “I’m Surprised He Never Hit Me Up”

YOLO Polos Maker Responds To Drake’s Accusations: “I’m Surprised He Never Hit Me Up”

[With the Internet in a frenzy over Drake putting a new line of YOLO polos on blast this week for not receiving his five shirts, the overnight company’s creator Joseph Evans tells SOHH readers his side of the story.]

The making of these polos has been a collaborative effort between myself and Tony Cerniglia. The idea just came from seeing memes all over the internet and thinking to take it to the next level by embroidering these internet memes on to the chest of a polo. The classiness of polo mixed with popular culture was the mix we were looking for.

The support and love for the polos has been crazy since day one. Everything from Complex to MTV to GQ has covered the polos and we’ve received sales from literally all over the world. The hype in the short amount of time has been both phenomenal and unbelievable.

The original buyer of the 5 polos was Drake’s good friend Ryan Silverstein. When we saw he had placed an order with us, we were ecstatic and got the polos out for delivery within that same day. I watched and tracked the package down like a hawk because I wanted to make sure it got to the guys quickly and without any problems. Days turned to weeks and I heard nothing from Ryan or about the package.

So I’m just stuck sending emails and trying to hit him up on Twitter and Instagram because I knew how important this opportunity would be for the brand. Finally I hit up the post office and they tell me the address that Ryan had given me was to an invalid address (I’m sure there’s a reason). I again e-mailed Ryan explaining the situation and trying to come up with a solution or at least get an accurate address to resend the polos over to.

Unfortunately communication between us has been unsuccessful. I was surprised he never hit me up wondering where his package was. I would still love to get the polos over to them maybe even personally deliver them haha. I’m honored Drake mentioned them in his interview and hope there’s no ill feelings over the miscommunication!

Be on the lookout for more hilarious memes to hit your closet. Tell Drake we want him to have one of each.


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