Yo Gotti Wanted For Nightclub Shoot-Out, “Three [Victims] Were Struck In The Buttocks”

Yo Gotti Wanted For Nightclub Shoot-Out, “Three [Victims] Were Struck In The Buttocks”

Southern rapper Mario “Yo Gotti” Mims is reportedly wanted by Tennessee authorities for his alleged connection to a Memphis nightclub shooting.

Details on the warrant landed online Sunday (December 12) morning.

Rappers Yo Gotti and OG Boo Dirty are among 11 people wanted in connection with a fight that happened outside the Level II nightclub on Nov. 29. A police affidavit states that Lance Taylor, a.k.a. OG Boo Dirty, and Mario Mims, a.k.a. Yo Gotti, “were involved in a verbal altercation.” A third man got involved, and Boo Dirty allegedly punched him. A fight ensued, resulting in six people shot. Three were struck in the buttocks, one in the wrist and one in the shoulder, according to the affidavit. The sixth victim was an off-duty security guard, who was standing about 40 yards from the melee. Neither Yo Gotti nor OG Boo Dirty is in custody, as of Saturday night. (WREG News)

Gotti’s attorney, Art Horne, has addressed the incident via statement.

“He just wanted his fans and the public to know that…he doesn’t condone that type of behavior, and that again, he plans to deal with the charges that have been filed against him,” Horne wrote. “Once he comes back and deals with the allegations, I think his name will be cleared.” (Statement)

Outside of legal issues, Gotti recently dropped his Ciara-featured track, “We Can Get It On.”

Here’s the cleaned up version of Yo Gotti’s “We Can Get It On”, a Memphis lullaby and declaration of his willingness to lunch break love you and buy presents when it’s not even your birthday. The Drumma Boy beat sounds as fizzy, expectant, and delicious as a carbonated rosé tastes. A dry, classy one! This is not Gotti as hood historian just a guy who doesn’t really date, but proposes ya’ll celebrate the kind of good love where the leg shaking is mutual anyway. Gotti’s examples of that kind of sustaining partnership are Puff and Kim, Michelle, Barack and Jada and Will. He mentions Slick Willy and his lady The United States Secretary of State, but they are relegated to “maybe”, not definite cherish-status. Probably for the best. (The FADER)

Earlier this year, Young Jeezy said Gotti would be featured on his upcoming Thug Motivation 103 (TM103) album.

“Me and Gotti kind of came up at the same time,” Jeezy said in an interview. “But I respected his grind just as well as he respected mine. Same thing with Plies. We kind of cover the same routes with what we do. Of course I’ve sold records in other places, but I don’t ever want to forget. ‘Cause I was always that cat trying to get to the next level, and no one lent their hand out. I had to grind my way up. So I feel like the big homie, like, ‘Come on, y’all, let me show you over here.’ Just as well as showing the people over here who don’t understand why I act the way I act, this is what I come from. And look who I’m bringing with me? You heard of them, but you don’t know them. But now you know them.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Yo Gotti footage below:

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