Yo Gotti Says ‘No, No, No’ To T.I. & Grand Hustle Signing Reports [Video]

Yo Gotti Says ‘No, No, No’ To T.I. & Grand Hustle Signing Reports [Video]

Memphis rap veteran Yo Gotti has cleared the air on reports suggesting he recently joined fellow Southern rapper T.I. and his Grand Hustle crew Hustle Gang.

While Gotti said Tip is a pal and someone he does business with, the rapper denied officially being signed to the “King of the South.”

“No, no, no, T.I.’s the big homie. Salute T.I. and the Hustle Gang but I’m signed to myself, which is CMG,” Gotti said in an interview. “We got a partnership with L.A Reid and Epic. You know what I’m saying? That whole thing is like blogs just went crazy with it. They put their own words on something homie said and he ain’t even say that. You know what I mean? We get money, we rock together. It is what it is. CMG, Epic.” (Baller Alert)

Speculation and reports of Yo expanding the team’s roster surfaced online last week.

Yo Gotti is the newest member of the Grand Hustle team. Gotti was rumored to be signing to the imprint, news of which T.I. confirmed during an interview with Vlad TV. “[Yo] Gotti has officially joined the gang,” he said. The Memphis native, Gotti — aka Mario Mims — was formerly signed to TVT Records. He dropped his Live From the Kitchen debut last year. (BET)

In February, the Memphis rapper issued an official statement on joining Epic Records.

“This is a solid partnership that allows me to do what I do on bigger platforms, with the respect and support of the Epic team,” explains Yo Gotti. “Throughout L.A. Reid’s career, I realize he has been a part of creating some of the biggest superstars in the industry. I feel there is no better person to partner with. After my meeting with L.A. Reid, Benny Pough and his staff felt like Epic would be the perfect home to further the growth of CMG.” (Statement)

Last year, Gotti talked to SOHH about the Memphis music scene blowing up.

“Memphis is most definitely on the grind right now,” Gotti told SOHH. “You got Young Buck, you got Don Trip, you got a lot of hot producers out here coming up like Drumma Boy and Drumma Drumma. We just trying to get it and put the sh*t on. We most definitely feel like it’s our time and we most definitely are trying to put in the work. We ain’t looking for no handouts. We just gonna grab it. This is what we do.” (SOHH)

Check out Yo Gotti’s interview:

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