Yo Gotti Piles Up The Co-Signs: “A Lot Of My Rap Peers Have Reached Out & Said, ‘I Didn’t Know It’s Like That'”

Yo Gotti Piles Up The Co-Signs: “A Lot Of My Rap Peers Have Reached Out & Said, ‘I Didn’t Know It’s Like That'”

[With his new I Am solo album inching closer to its November 19 release, Memphis rap veteran Yo Gotti talks to SOHH readers about dedicating time to showing them his personal life in a new vlog series and what the feedback’s been.]

I think it’s been really good. The masses of people get to see me. If I do a sold out show in LA only the people in LA that were actually at the concert get to know that the show sold out in LA and the experience. But we get to capture it and put it out virally so if you in New York you get to see it or if you in Memphis, where I’m from, you get see like ‘oh sh*t Gotti sold out the concert in LA’. You get see the different demographic of people who come down and the different supporters and the different love that we get. You get to understand and see, okay this sh*t is bigger than I thought it was because if you live in a certain place in a certain area code all you know is what it is to you and around your area.

This vlog gets to show you what it is all around the world. And not only fans too, a lot of my other rap peers have seen the vlog and reached out to me and said ‘I didn’t know it’s like that’.

We did a listening session in New York with LA Reid which Sha Money hosted. We had a positive listening session in one of the vlogs which is coming up. It was packed in New York you couldn’t even get in there, we had a good response to the music, that will be a good one.

We did an All Ladies Dinner in New York, we had like a lot lady bloggers there, it was like a ladies night out with Yo Gotti. This is a part one of the vlog series that I think will be different to show. But one of the most creative ones is when you actually see me with the fan phone. We actually talk to the fans, and we actually capture some of the footage actually happening.

This one will be quite creative when people see how direct we be with the fans and talking to them. They can call us at any time of the day and night long and we answer the phone at different times, and I answer the phone at different times and text them back at different times when I have free time.

But we actually video some of that and capture that so I think that will be an interesting vlog when they see that one. I’m just trying to make whatever we do different. Even down to so many artists were doing the viral videos which became a big thing. The reason you haven’t seen many on me is I stopped to think how are mine going to be different and that’s why I decided to the vlogs. I’ma focus more on the vlog because I don’t like doing what other people do over and over again.

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