Yo Gotti Escapes Nightclub Shooting Case, “I Knew It Was All Going To Come To This”

Yo Gotti Escapes Nightclub Shooting Case, “I Knew It Was All Going To Come To This”

Southern rapper Mario “Yo Gotti” Mims has escaped from a late 2010 Memphis nightclub shooting case after charges against him were dropped this week.

Gotti’s aggravated riot charges stemming from a late November club incident were dismissed yesterday (January 19).

All charges against Memphis rapper Yo Gotti in a Nov. 29 brawl that left five men with gunshot wounds have been dropped, officials said Wednesday. Gotti — real name Mario Mims — was one of 10 men charged with aggravated riot in the incident in the parking lot of the Level II entertainment complex at 5020 American Way. The charges were dropped due to a lack of witnesses, said Jennifer Donnals, spokeswoman for the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office. (Commercial Appeal)

Following the dismissal, Gotti shared his reaction to no longer being involved in the case.

“Case dismissed, it’s over,” Gotti said. “It’s false allegations. For them to put it out there and run with it, of course it’s a little damaging but like I said, I knew it was all going to come to this. I’m a entertainer, I’m in entertainment. I understand it, I know it’s like it’s a protocol of going through it, going through the courts and getting to this point where it gets dismissed… and we’re back to where we were at in the beginning. Whenever you’re faced with anything, you can get through it. Stay focused, stay positive, do it for Memphis like I do it. Put in hard work.” (My Fox Memphis)

Last month, Gotti appeared in court and pleaded his innocence.

Mario Mims, better known as Yo Gotti, is charged with starting a riot. In court Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty. “We’re confident that at the end of this that Yo Gotti will be found not guilty and this case will be dismissed,” said Yo Gotti’s attorney, Art Horne said. “When you’re a celebrity, people automatically want to tie negative things to you and build them up, and that’s what has happened in this case. (WMCTV News)

Details on the shooting circulated online in late November.

Rappers Yo Gotti and OG Boo Dirty are among 11 people wanted in connection with a fight that happened outside the Level II nightclub on Nov. 29. A police affidavit states that Lance Taylor, a.k.a. OG Boo Dirty, and Mario Mims, a.k.a. Yo Gotti, “were involved in a verbal altercation.” A third man got involved, and Boo Dirty allegedly punched him. A fight ensued, resulting in six people shot. Three were struck in the buttocks, one in the wrist and one in the shoulder, according to the affidavit. The sixth victim was an off-duty security guard, who was standing about 40 yards from the melee. Neither Yo Gotti nor OG Boo Dirty is in custody, as of Saturday night. (WREG News)

Check out some past Yo Gotti footage down below:

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